It is with deep sense of respect and responsibility that I decided to write this open letter to you. Reaching you on phone is proven to be difficult as even your die hard supporters confessed that you don’t pick calls.

I was deeply shock by your lack of concern with the plight of people of your constituency. The people of Kadisau village were killed like chickens by the dare devil bandits yet your voice was silent at the floor of the Senate. Remember that leadership is a burden and no matter how long it takes you will be called to account for your representation if not in this world in the hereafter.Although only few people believe in God and His Judgement. Recall that Senator M T Liman was there, Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke and Senator Abu Ibrahim were all there and they were no more.

Although it was alleged that since the outbreak of Covid-19 you did not visit your constituency for fear of infection. My advise to you is if you decide to visit you may come with an assorted face mask, sanitizer and avoid shaking hands with the hands that voted for you.

Distinguished Senator you have to understand the pains of people loosing their wives, children, fathers, mothers, husbands and other relatives. Your visit will be reassuring to them, strengthen them to understand that they have not wasted their votes.

Understand that on the day of Judgement no praise singer will stand between you and God’s judgement.

I hope you will not feel offended with the content of my letter, I write it as a concerned brother of yours in Islam. I mean no harm or I’ll feeling, I will be happy if you urgently correct your mistakes before it is too late.

Yours Sincerely
Lawal Sa’idu Funtua
Saidu funtua is a journalist based in katsina
Writing for the links news @


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