Many people indicated interest to hear my opinion on the scandalous audio clip released by Malam Mahdi Shehu. But for the enthusiasm to have me on the hot seat by a PDP chieftain and a very good friend as expressed in his post (attached), I wouldn’t have allocated more than a passing glance at the intoxicating audio clip that’s giving almost every member of the opposition a dangerous high! Not at this stage anyway when the contents of the clip are mere unsubstantiated allegations.

Although some people are bent on ignoring the most basic requirement of resolving conflicts — PROOF — I wonder how it could be missed that one cannot fairly and objectively take a position on a sensitive matter like this by relying on emotions rather facts hence, one need both sides of the story before taking a position that not only could be fair to both sides but seen as such. Let’s review the case as it is at this stage.

On one hand Malam Mahdi Shehu made serious allegations of corruption against Katsina State Government in a radio programme. He accused the Masari administration of misappropriating some N24,000,000,000 from security votes. He gave dates and account numbers of beneficiaries for payments he believes to be fraudulent and claimed he is in possession of hard facts to prove his allegations.
Being a radio programme, one cannot see or verify these documents hence one could only speculate the veracity of the allegations and the reliability of the evidences.

On the other hand, Katsina State Government is yet to respond to the allegations. This may not be unconnected with the mountainous and clearly damning allegations placed on its doorstep by the accuser and his reluctance or delay to release evidences in his possession for the government to scrutinize and agree or disagree with. Is it not reasonable then for the public to await the evidences and fulfill a vital condition that will validate or destroy the case before taking a position? For this reason I’m handicapped to build an opinion. I’m convinced It’s crazy to attempt judging a case even of lesser significance and sensitivity than this without all the facts on the table.

At this stage therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me or anybody to attempt judging this case because there’s nothing to work with to pass a verdict of guilt or innocence on KTSG or to validate or invalidate evidences yet to be put in public domain. As it is, everybody, perhaps except the accuser, is relying entirely on the audio clip of the allegations to take position when the universal rule demand at this stage of the drama is for the public to be patient and wait to hear the two sides of the story for fairness unless, of course, if Katsina State is an exemption to this rule.

Keep a date with this page for my opinion when the time is ripe.


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