one of the soldiers that were killed

An ambush by bandits in shimfida forests of Jibiya local government has led to the death of 16 soldiers.
The links news learnt that 18 are now lying critically injured during the attacks.
The ambush occurred on Saturday in shimfida forests, close to tsamben rocks about ten kilometers from the Jibiya local government headquarters.
This media learnt that the soldiers were back and celebrating a victory earlier in a fight against the bandits in another location within the local government.
Unknown to the celebrating military men, the bandits have divided themselves and lay the ambush.

Later , more soldiers were despatched that repelled the bandits and evacuated the corpses of the military men killed and the injured to the hospital.
The soldiers have regrouped and returned to the Forests where several of the bandits were killed.
The injured soldiers are now receiving treatment at federal medical center, katsina.
A Fulani man told the links news that he saw over 100 motorcycles at the location where the soldiers engaged the bandits.
The shimfida forests is under a notorious bandit known as Dangote .and one bandit leader called Abdullahi lankai.
Dangote came into lime light during the peace deal with officials of katsina state government and this media has his photo in a sitting position holding an AK47.
The defence headquarters has confirmed the incident but said only three of its soldiers were killed, and the army have killed seventeen of the Bandits and recovered arms with ammunition.

The links news is an online newspapers on and its sister vanacular newspaper jaridar taskar labarai on 07043777779


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