By mahmod hassan

A special investigation carried out by the links news shows that teachers have now been completely enslaved by various loans and health workers .
However, the investigation was more on teachers at primary and secondary schools in the state.
This has led to a situation where the teachers usually stay in the classes but with their minds predominantly thinking of how to do away with the loans from shylocks.
Some of the teachers have been running from the Emir’s palace to the police stations and the courts even during school hours after being sued by the shylocks.
The links learnt that the shylocks charged high interest leading to the inability of the teachers to settle the loans for a long period.
In some of the local governments, there was strong connivance between the headmasters, principals and the shylocks, leading to illegal arrests and even detention of the indebted teachers.
The links learnt that the situation,if left unchecked could cripple and prevent the teachers from having a condusive atmosphere to impart knowledge to the young men and women in the society.
Some of the tactics involved the sales of for example a bag of rice costing 20,000 Naira but sold to the teacher at 25,000 Naira and repurchase from the teacher of the same bag at 10,000 Naira only.
Some of the shylocks distributes cash to teachers for example 140, 000 Naira given to a teacher but will during repayment settle 240,000 Naira.
In other cases, shylocks distributes motorcycles and repurchase the same machines at paltry sums of money.
The links found out that the banks too are not left out in overstretching the teachers with loans plus soaring interests.
The situation, according to our findings have shown that in the end it was the education of the pupils and students that is being strangled.
Some of teachers told the links that there was strong connivance with the executive officers of the Nigeria Union of Teachers-NUT and the shylocks on one hand and the banks on the other.
Although, some of the Union officials deny being a party to the indebtedness of the teachers, they have not however helped to stop the unhealthy practice.
However the links learnt that in the past , the state universal primary education board had made efforts to curtail the activities of the shylocks and the banks, but they could not succeed.
The links learnt that from time to time, the Education Secretaries used to submit the names of the teachers to have their salaries deducted for the shylocks and the banks.
Some of the teachers interviewed asked the state primary education board to facilitate ways and means of preventing the teachers from becoming victims of mass salary deduction by shylocks and banks.


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