No fate could be worse than being a PDP apologist. Each time they generate enough moral energy to express their frustrations, rather than get relief, their pasts come chasing with a vengeance. Each finger they point to their adversaries attracts countless menacing fingers.

Still, one cannot help the high level of shamelessness PDP operates with. Terrified by the amazing Edo crowd and looking failure eyeball to eyeball in the upcoming Edo election between incumbent Governor Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu, PDP was left with no option but to rummage in their dirty bag for anything to enhance its outing in Edo. Unfortunately for PDP there’s nothing in the bag to hang the APC without first hanging itself. Notwithstanding, it went ahead to experiment with issues it shouldn’t point with a finger from a thousand miles away.

Prodded by what may be a rare strain of amnesia, PDP chose the corruption card to dissuade voters from voting for Ize-Iyamu. This is normal as long as it’s not PDP at the other end of the rope. For the entire 16 years PDP supervised Nigeria morality was never its selling cards. Actually one could easily argue that PDP is the most corrupt political congregation from ancient to contemporary worlds. Not even the lawlessness of the American mob of the 60s could match PDP’s arrogance, lawlessness, corruption and high level disregard to normalcy. Let me shake our national memory a bit.

Once upon time, PDP it was that sponsored Otunba Iyiola Omisore, a suspect in the murder of Chief Bola Ige, to contest and subsequent scored from a prison cell the coveted seat of the Osun East senatorial seat in 2003. Numb to public disdain and disapproval against such sacrilege, PDP in its traditional arrogance, impunity and total disregard to public approvals, went ahead to further insult the collective sensibilities of Nigerians by sponsoring Otunba Omisore to contest for the coveted seat of the Governor of Osun State in 2015. Only providence stopped Omisore from being elected after which PDP might have found him worthy of the prestigious office of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It will make more sense (or is it nonsense) of PDP’s mien and repulsive disrespect to Nigerians when we factor in the fact that late Chief Bola Ige was not just an ordinary Nigerian. He was then the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation. Also, a front row PDP elder. Not even these attributes could stop PDP from desecrating his memory. Who then could claim PDP knows the meaning of morality much less, use it as a weapon to tackle it opponents?

PDP’s distinct shamelessness did not end with late Chief Bola Ige/Otunba Iyiola Omisore’s saga. Former FCT Minister and incumbent Governor of Bauchi State was well on his way to prison when PDP out of its injurious “kindness” decided to rescue him by donating the gubernatorial ticket of Bauchi State to him in 2019. Since he left office as Minister of the FCT it’s one trial of corruption after another. He was standing trial before Justice A. M. Talba of the Federal Capital Territory, High Court sitting in Gudu, Abuja, on a six-count charge bordering on abuse of office, false declaration of assets and fraud to the tune of N864 million. He was also alleged to have received N550 million as bribe from Aso Savings and Loans Limited with respect to some properties in the Asokoro area of Abuja. Governor Bala’s chain of misdeed was so long as to rope in some of his children. But for PDP’s swift move which pulled the rug under the feet of Nigeria’s justice system, today he may be probably be the chairman of any of the funny unions common in our prisons. Today Governor Bala is calling the shots in Bauchi State courtesy of the PDP.

It’s almost an identical case with Governor Fintri of Adamawa State. He was saved from Justice A. R. Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Abuja, before whim he was charged by the EFCC, alongside his company, Mayim Construction and Properties Limited on a five-count charge of money laundering to the tune of N2.9 billion.

Given all this and more, one is left wondering where and how PDP sourced for the impetus to challenge the nomination of Ize-Iyamu as APC’s candidate in the upcoming Edo gubernatorial elections. What exactly does PDP expect? APC to always withdraw the candidature of its aspirants without recourse to their constitutionally guaranteed innocence until proven otherwise and sit by the side watch PDP hoisting crooks of different grades on Nigerians? Who could beat this shamelessness?

And don’t tell me that bunkum about Buhari associating with corrupt elements. President Buhari is not the court to declare anybody corrupt or not. Despite his trademark integrity, he has a responsibility to his office and it dictates he deals with all manners of people fairly and equally until the courts declares they are no longer fit for this consideration. This is saying, the same sections of the constitution that gave Bala and Fintri the flexibility to be maneuvered Into office by the PDP, also gave APC the latitude to sponsor anybody as long as he/she is not declared unfit for the office. Sleep on this to make sense of the situation in the morning.


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