Kano Police rescued another 6-year old boy who was locked up for 1year in a room


Kano State police and human rights activists have rescued a 6-year-old boy who was locked in a room by his father for 12 months.

The incident took place in Panshekara area, Hayin Fulani, when police and human rights activists raided the area and rescued the boy.

The boy, Umar Ubale, is an orphan who was left in the care of his step mother after his mother died years ago.

The boy was locked in a room on suspicions of “misconduct”.

AA Haruna Ayagi, a human rights activist, assisted the police officers with information on child abuse in the state.

Ayagi, who addressed a news conference, said the situation was “extremely bad”.

“Some youths informed us that after completing the investigation, we informed the security personnel to take appropriate action.”

“From what we have found, his father’s rival is the source of his ordeal,” Ayagi explained.

We have already taken the boy to Murtala Mohammed Hospital for a check-up.

Kano State Police Spokesperson, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa confirmed the incident.

DSP Abdullahi Haruna said the boy’s father, Mallam Ubale was being held by the authorities while the rival’s father was being hunted down.


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