“Who’s bankrolling you” must have been a very sensitive and unexpected question that touched a raw nerve. FFK was asked who’s bankrolling his newly improvised and lucrative responsibility of jumping from one PDP state to another for the “noble” objective of endorsing the performances of their governors. As innocent and straightforward as the question was, it blew the top of the always acidulous FFK who should have developed a tough skin for such requital given his penchant for picking even people old enough to be his parents to insult. He lost it for a very justifiable reason. It was a bull’s eye hit; one that deserve a Pulitzer award for the young journalists.

We can only make sense of the unwarranted assault on Eyo Charles by juxtaposing FFK’s joblessness with PDP’s locust tendencies. FFK lost it because he’s shy the life of a flamboyant “big boy” like him has dramatically “CHANGEd” — reduced to a mere glorified scavenger who live on the traditional handouts that are always the closing chapter of “brotherly visits” by scavengers to party comrades in power.

Forget FFK’s self-glorifying question of “who do you think who I am?” Who else but a suspected cheat and fraudster charged with theft of over 4.9 billion naira of government funds and money laundering? And I don’t know what it is that powers the brains of Nigerian politicians. Each of them is a self-created moral Goliath but hardly one to pass the least of moral scrutiny.

FFK proudly announced his numerous arrests by this government but he refused to tell the story to the end. He left it hanging hoping gullible Nigerians will believe he was arrested because he’s the over-pampered kid of a 1st republic politician who had it easy all the way to the top on the strength of a family name rather than quality of character or intellectual make-up. FFK’s numerous arrests were simply induced by his well documented crimes against the Nigerian state still being processed in court for final determination.

And this cheap crook has the effrontery to ask who Nigerians think he is! He should have been a Chinese politician to know posthumously who he is! Even in Nigeria, is it not obvious he would have been nothing but just another struggling OPC tout but for Obasanjo’s bizarre taste and choices? Asking “who do you think I am” shouldn’t be in the question papers of people arrested for allegedly receiving N840m from funds voted to secure Nigerians during the presidential campaign of former President Jonathan.
FFK’s showy declaration of affluence by narrating he’s a successful lawyer from an affluent background is the most irritating. Those where empty rhetorics meant only for the camera. Who is he but a cheap scavenger who made a career of insulting the Sokoto caliphate only to run cap in hand to Zamfara because he couldn’t resist the aroma of the cake in the Zamfara oven. The fool even went as low as to be appointed a councilor all in response to the biting fangs of hunger that could be said to have made him more restless and reckless in recent days. Sure, even in politics self-preservation is the first rule. A famished FFK is a fully deactivated FFK hence, even Sokoto caliphate crumbs in the grass of Shinkafi Emirate are justifiably edible.

FFK’s affluence is a ruse that nobody should fall for. How’s a successful lawyer from an affluent background in court waiting for his day to answer for allegedly stealing all there was to steal when he supervised the Aviation Ministry? Does it make sense that a successful lawyer from an affluent background to be caught playing a two-legged rat? I’m less worried about FFK’s guilt-induced and dramatic anger than I am about the hows and whys an indecorous goon like him could afford a police orderly if the sheepish fellow in police uniform standing behind him in the embarrassing video is actually a policeman.

With the NPF overstretched to all imaginable limit fighting to restore the mess of insecurity left behind by FFK’s thieving clan, it’s outrageous and provocative for FFK to be moving around with policemen as security details unless, of course, the constitution provides for such misplaced priorities. Drawing attention to this anomaly, if anything, is the objective of this piece. I’m sure the NUJ is competent enough to deal with rude characters like FFK. People like survive on media advertisements. A simple media blackout will cure him of his delusions.


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