Young Writer, Bashir Bala, Debuts With Book On Ahmad Yerima


By Nasir S. Gwangwazo

Fledgling writer, Bashir Muhammad Bala, has kicked off his writing career with a biography and feature-length documentary on the former governor of Zamfara State, Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima.
Doubly titled “Ahmad Sani, The Limelight”, the documentary presents in visual forms details of the life, times, politics and achievements of Yerima (as documented in the book) with the intention of providing future generation of Northerners with a distant mentor and an experiential learning process to navigate life’s rough terrain.
“There are many lessons to be learnt from Sen. Yerima’s life and achievements. Reading about the man’s real experiences gives them context for decision making and whatever consequences resulting from that,” Bala said.
The five-chapter book, explores the birth and creation of the Yerima’s state of origin, Zamfara, in 1996; his venture into politics and election as governor of the state in addition to his achievements during his tenure. Chapter three focuses on his presidential aspiration days and withdrawal from the race; chapter four centres on his senatorial representation of the state, including his political tussle with then Zamfara State governor, and his controversial marriage to a 13-year old, while chapter five concludes the chronicles.
Largely outlining the “secret to Yerima’s success”, the documentary according to the author is an adaptation of the book. “the film is built entirely from archive material, much of it self-shot (with Zamafara State as the major setting, in addition to images and motion pictures dating back from 1999 to 2020 sourced from interview with family members, colleagues, local and foreign press to beef up the presentation.
A labour of several months, Bala said the book and documentary which release date had yet to be revealed, was currently under third party review. Further marketing and branding strategies, were also underway to ensure publicity, easy access and distribution of both the book and film.


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