A message for the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to remain resolute


ASUU ! Stay strong please , fight on , keep being resolute and determined in your struggle to protect Unversity system and the profession you know best . No outsider can know better than the insider and no layman can know better than the learned . The only weapon they have against you and are using to coerce you to submission is withholding your salary. By so doing they are making the salaries even more irrelevant to your lives. You must by now learn to live without salary, so what next? The strike had reached its tipping point and the Government is feeling the heat.
Keep on! Redirect your mental energy to something even better. Forget about them, situation will force them to appreciate your values, regret their impudence towards you and look for you themselves. By then you must have settled in your new but explored area and the bargain price will be even higher. Respect ✊ yourselves by keeping the tempo of the struggle for the future of the country. Aluta Continua !!
Prof. Sani Lawal,
Sociology Department,


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