#ENDSARS protesters defy government order in Abuja


#ENDSARS protesters on Thursday defied a ban by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and took to the streets to continue to drive home their message.

The protesters, in their thousands on Thursday morning, marched to the National Assembly Complex.

Vehicular movements and other activities around the Federal Secretariat area were grounded as the protesters blocked the entrance of the National Assembly, chanting songs of solidarity.

The security committee of the FCTA on Thursday morning said ongoing protests endanger the lives of everyone in the capital city and placed a ban on the street protests.

In a statement released by the FCT administration on Thursday, October 15, 2020, the security committee decided at its October 13 meeting that the protests are in violation of safety rules.

The committee said the peaceful protesters have been behaving in an unruly manner, and caused inconveniences to others in the capital city.

The committee also said the protesters have failed to comply with COVID-19 guidelines regulating public gatherings.

But the protesters, defiant in their stance, said it would take more than notice of ban or other form of threat from the government to make them drop their agitation.

“We have never garnered such momentum and unity every before in this country to demand for a better life for citizens. Now our leaders are shocked to see us speaking in one voice and they are trying to intimidate us. It will not work They must listen to us. If we let the have their way we may never get this chance again

“For them talking about COVID-19 protocols, it is just double standard and laughable. We were all witnesses when thousands of defying social distancing and other safety protocols attended Abba Kyari’s burial in Abuja.

“We were all here and saw the rallies in Edo and Ondo States. We were here and we saw weddings of top government functionaries that defied all safety protocols.

“There are several other instances Why weren’t they stopped. Now they see we have broken the jinx and fighting for the good of this country, they want to stop us. It will not work,” one of the protesters said.

Security agents were seen forming a barricade to deny the protesters entrance into the premises of the National Assembly complex.


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