Diego Maradona’s final words before his death


    Diego Maradona’s final words before he died on Wednesday have been revealed, with the football great admitting that he did not feel well at breakfast before going to lie down.

    The former World Cup winner died on Wednesday at the age of 60 after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest, with confirmation that he passed away at around midday at his home in Tigres, Argentina.

    Maradona was staying at the property to continue his recovery from recent brain surgery after having a blood clot removed at the start of the month, and was accompanied by his nephew, Johnny Esposito, and a nurse there to monitor his recovery.

    According to The Sun, Maradona ate breakfast on Wednesday morning looking “pale and complaining of feeling cold”, before telling his nephew that he was going to lie down as he didn’t feel too good.

    It’s claimed that before going to bed, Maradona said: “Me siento mal” – which translates in England to “I don’t feel well”.

    Maradona’s psychologist, Carlos Ciaz, and psychiatrist, Agustina Coaschov, both arrived at the property, where it soon became apparent that he was unresponsive.

    According to a preliminary autopsy that has been leaked to the Argentine media, they entered Maradona’s room after he failed to respond to his nephew.

    The report stated: “They went to his bedroom on the ground floor and spoke to him and he didn’t reply and they asked his nephew and an assistant to enter the room.

    “They tried to wake him up and after failing to detect any vital signs made an unsuccessful attempt to revive him by practicing CPR.

    ”The first emergency medical responders on the scene continued the attempts to revive Maradona along with a surgeon who lives near the property, using adrenaline and atropine which is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of low heart rate.”

    State prosecutors said that Maradona died around midday local time, with a routine inquiry set to be completed into his death. Officials confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances.



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