SECURE- NORTH: An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari


By: Mahmud Garba Shawai

Firstly, I will start by extending my heartfelt condolence to the entire people of Borno State over the unjust killings/ masacre of 43 innocent farmers, may their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.

I will also like to appreciate all the efforts inputed and still inputing by the Governor of Borno State, “The Servant Leader” in tackling insecurity in the state.

The hardwork of the young soldiers and civilian JTFs as well as all the dedicated security agencies most be appreciated, though there is need for additional tactics and more efforts.

To the Buharist!

Wallahi Tallahi the die hard fans of President Muhammadu Buhari, the President himself and all the stakeholders responsible for bringing peace and security in Nigeria, should know that they must be hold responsible for all these killings before our lord (Allah).

Those that are always on social media fabricating and covering the true colour of Nigeria, just in the name of promoting selfish and personal greed you should fear almighty Allah.

Mr. President as a Muslim do you know the calamity that befalls a country or region that kills just an innocent soul talkless of souls?

It is of no doubt, your administration has failed us but remember the Arewa you see as an invaluable region, is the only home you have in Nigeria and the world at large.

We supported you blindly, though you decieved us with your chicanaries and we have 101% assuarance God will not punish us for the mistake we have done because we were decieved.

I came to conclusion that President Muhammad Buhari, has no progressive plans for this Nation since the day I saw him saying “Nigeria is a traffic country to rule you can just do your best”.

What the Nigerian Security Chiefs need to know;

  1. Death is inevitable over every living soul.
  2. Position/ rank has lifetime.
  3. When you die you are leaving everything here except your deeds and simple shrouds that you will be wrapped with.
  4. The more the massacre the greater your sins and the tougher your punishment before Allah.
  5. Protect North is protecting your families and vice versa.

Our’s is to tell you but the decision is your’s.

We dreamed hope not knowing that it was a nightmare in disguise and today, it came to reality.


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