Open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari


Dear Mr. President

I write as a Nigerian citizen that is concerned about the persistent deteriorating state of insecurity in Nigeria where you are the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

With reference to the last open letter I wrote to you, to which you remained silent over a question I raised concerning your deliberate role in the massacre of innocent unarmed Nigerians in Zaria in 2015, I am forced to believe that you started ruling Nigeria on the wrong pedestal.

After the the state sponsored terror attack on the innocent Nigerians you killed because they don’t share the same religious understanding with you, you were hailed by their assumed religious rivals who are coincidentally your blind supporters.

You, your supporters and your international collaborators in the massacre of those unarmed men, women, children and infants turned blind eyes on the catastrophe even as you violated the Geneva Convention and buried the victims in secret mass graves with some of them alive.

You also placed their leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife under illegal detention and with concocted and trumped up charges in court. This is even after killing three of their children during the attack. You disregarded the court judgment to release them and pay them compensation and also provide them with another residence after burning theirs down along with some of their relations, demolishing it and packing the rubbles away. You have also been killing their followers who come out to peacefully protest the injustice meted on them on the streets in broad daylight.

Today, the bloodshed with which you set your government has become the order of the day in the country in such a way that Nigeria is now being led by you, on the one hand, and the terrorists on the other hand.

It is such that in places like Zamfara, Niger, Katsina, Kaduna and some parts of Sokoto states in the Northwest and most of the Northeast, it is reported that farmers have to put money together to pay terrorists and bandits to be allowed to farm.

More so, they are compelled to pay again to be allowed to harvest even as some of the farmers are kidnapped and held hostage until their relations pay ransom before they are released.

It is such that the general food production has fallen by an estimated 50% due to insecurity in the areas concerned which will definitely have adverse effect on the country. The country is already battling with the worse recession in almost 35 years while inflation has reached beyond 50%.

More and more people are being killed on a daily bases in Nigeria. Only recently 43 farmers were buried in a mass funeral ceremony attended by the Borno state governor. The figure was said to have risen to 110 about 48 hours later and the victims were not only killed but had their heads detached from their bodies and placed on their chests. Even describing this as ruthless terrorism does not qualify what has happened.

Hundreds of communities have been dispersed and their villages burnt down by armed bandits, thousands have been kidnapped and held hostage for ransom and tens of thousands of others have died as a result of terror attacks, all under your watch. Their animals have been rustled by both armed bandits and suspected security officials.

On several occasions, the security apparatuses have been accused of abusing their uniforms and engaging in criminal acts. This has led to uprising against a segment of the police force where Nigerians rose to the streets chanting “End SARS”. A situation that led to people breaking warehouses and looting foodstuff to prove how hungry they are.

Just of recent it was broadcast on radio in Kano where some policemen were fingered by victims for engaging in using their uniform to kidnap people and demand for ransom while holding the victims hostage in police cells.

With all these and many more that cannot be mentioned in this letter due to lack of space, is how bad Nigeria has become under your watch Mr. President.

I am forced to believe that all these were given green light by your first state sponsored terror attack on the Islamic Movement in Zaria in December 2015. It is the law of Karma that you rip what you sow and you have planted bloodshed from your inception in office as president and it is now growing and eating up the entire country especially the north.

Yes now is the time to call on you to release Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky unconditionally, compensate him, build his residence and seek forgiveness from God the creator. You have turned Nigeria into a land of sorrow, tears and blood by your actions and inactions, it is left for you to want to protect your dignity and integrity by resigning or continue with the trend of wanton destruction you have placed the country on.

Yours faithfully
Abdulmumin Giwa


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