We have finally completed the task of buying a plot of land and building a new house and furniture for the famous music diva, Magajiya Dambatta.

Since the beginning of the intervention in December last year, we have kept the promise of feeding her, buying clothes, and giving her allowances in order to stop her from begging. It gladdening that she has since quit begging and her granddaughter-guide is now enrolled in school.

We have already settled Magajiya Dambatta in her new house within her preferred location, Makoda. The new house is just a stone’s throw from her family house. The 3-bedroom house is also connected with electricity supply, internal pipe-borne water supply and squatting WC. From a corner of the courtyard, a modest animal pen is sited.

On behalf of members of the team: Musa Sufi, Ibrahim Sanyi-Sanyi, Dr Kabir Dambatta, I sincerely thank all those who donated for this cause. Of particular note is the commitment of Musa Sufi, who shuttles regularly from Kano to Makoda to see how she is faring and the progress of the project.

Special appreciation Mallam Hassan Gama of “Friends of the Community”, the NGO the keeps the money and gives good account of it.

Our profound appreciation also goes to Arc. Bilyamin Kaila Umar who designed and supervised the project free of charge.


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