Dr. Goodluck Manu


Martin Oni and the Embassy of Nigeria in Berlin

For the past weeks, the Embassy of Nigeria Berlin, Germany has been on the public space with regards to the video exposing one Mr Martin Oni, who as at the time of his suspension was the Chief Security Officer at the Embassy. The video has been trending online for a while and many Nigerians and none Nigerians have commented on the issue. The Embassy acting legally immediately set up a committee to look into the issue while Mr Martin Oni was suspended till the Committee’s findings.

It is paradoxical that some people have taken the matter to a tribal perspective by sponsoring bloggers to publish malicious articles. I have read two articles, lacking facts and merit, insinuating that the accused was set up. This was contained in the article tilted “Untold Story of Sex for Passport Saga at Nigeria Embassy in German By Charles Dick” this article was published on 1st December, 2020 by one OjoLanreOreofe who purported that Bureau The Trust, which is domiciled in France published. A careful investigation unveiled that this piece of article was sponsored by some Yorubas living in Berlin. A careful perusal of the article paints a picture of hasty work with no facts. OjoLanreOreofe, failed to get a detailed information before writing a cheap/worthless article. What Nigerians needs at the moment are facts, which was absent in its entirety in the published work. Secondly, on 5th December 2020 another article surfaced online purporting a group of Nigerians living in Berlin petitioned the President of Nigeria. A piece of work titled “Group petitions Buhari, Fingers Nigerian Ambassador in Berlin Over Sex for Passport Saga” published by InfoTrust, is seen to be the height of foolishness by some persons who do not investigate cases before arriving at an unjust conclusion.

Changing the narrative was not going to help Mr Oni nor change the decision to be reach by the Committee set up by the Embassy of Nigeria. The case of Mr Oni has gone beyond ethnic or tribal sentiment. This is on the premise that the Nigerian Ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar is not a tribalistic person. He beliefs in one Nigeria and he is not vindictive. Since he arrived Germany, on his tour as an Ambassador, he has been able to implement working policies that have changed the face of the Embassy on one hand and Nigeria on the other. These two articles that have surfaced online have one thing in common – a sponsored piece of work with the same element. Instead of these few individuals to look at the clearer picture, they are trying to resort to cheap blackmail in order to influence the decision of the Committee who are working assiduously in ensuring fair decision is reached.

The Ambassador who is a technocrat has wooed several investors to Nigeria for investment(s), which is adding to Nigeria’s GDP and has no intention of making any Nigerian suffer but believe in team work for a better Nigeria. Sacking Mr Oni could not be his ultimate aim but keeping the integrity of Nigeria and Nigerians on the one hand and upholding the honour and glory of Nigeria on the other as a primary objective. Hence, several policies adopted by him in serving Nigerians in Germany has been working without fail. Mr Oni and his cronies have been holding the appointment system hostage. According to an Embassy Staff who wished to be anonymous, informed us that unknown to the Embassy, Mr Oni and his cronies have never allowed the system to function properly because they were using it to exploit helpless Nigerians, thereby creating untold hardship to Nigerians. Mr Oni has repeatedly given false information to the Mission regarding the appointment system and the Mission has been misled by him until he was exposed. Immediately after Mr Martin was exposed, the appointment system has been working fine and this is not a coincidence.

Ms Uche Faith has given her statement and the committee is currently working on the case and the general public should await the decision before commenting or sponsoring bloggers to initiate media war. The case of Mr Oni is not a tribal victimisation nor based on ethnic sentiment but a Nigeria affair. The issue of attacking Mr Imo AsuquoEbong shows that someone within the Embassy of Nigeria is involved in sponsoring bloggers to write against the Embassy. This is based on the fact that the article written by InfoTrust reveals that some set of Yorubas do not see the wrong in sexual molestation but a norm that should be condoned. If the truth is to be told, Mr Imo is the head of Immigration at the Embassy who deals with visa and other consular issues while MrMuyiwa is solely responsible in the production of passports and every matter concerning passport. The statement made by Ms Uche fingered MrMuyiwa, who is a Yoruba man and these two articles did not address any of such accusation but rather focuses their accusation on the Ambassador and Mr Imo. If these groups were sincere with Nigeria/Nigerians, they would have come on a plain note seeking for justice for Nigerians that have been victimised.

Ms Uche has a legal right to pursue criminal case against Mr Oni on the alleged rape. This is because, the mental and physical elements have been established. (Mens Rea and actus reus). In her statement she has been able to established the following:

1.Mr Oni booked a hotel unknown to her and invited her there to discussed about her passport

2..She was sexually exploited without her consent in the same hotel

3. She called for help, hence the video that has gone viral

4. Her passport was produced after the sexual exploitation

5.  And many more issues to be raised.

In view of the foregoing, the issue of setup being claimed by Mr Oni and his cronies should be disregarded. This is based on the above issued raised. As a Chief Security Officer, such defence do not qualify him to mount a kiosk talk less of an Embassy, which is representing a nation. Setup is when someone is called into a trap not the other way round. In the case of Mr Oni, he unlawfully took the victim’s mobile number from the address book at the Embassy, which is against data protection and called the victim and started the mens Rea and actus reus, which has established a prima facie rape offence. It will be strongly advised that a rape case is immediately reported by Ms Uche in Germany as Mr Oni could face 2 year and 6 months jail term in Germany and subsequently be deported back to Nigeria.


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