katsina PDP in crisis: Full Press Briefing delivered on 1/1/2021



Assalamu Alaikum.

The good news of the dissolution of the last Katsina State pdp congresses by a Katsina State High Court has finally come with alot fanfare and jubilation from party members. We therefore wish to first and foremost start by commending the Judiciary for being the true last hope of the oppressed . It is pertinent however for those of us who are directly involved to give you a background of the genesis of the crisis in the pdp leadership in Katsina.
Members of the pdp in Katsina will recall that since 2015 when pdp lost all elections at all levels in Katsina, a pdp advisory committee was constituted which steered the activities of the party to assit the state executive committee of the party in keeping the party alive and vibrant. The committee provided good leadership advises that guided and financed the affairs of the party up to the challenges leading to the 2019 general elections.
Crisis in the party started when the party leadership disrespected the guidelines agreed by all the seven gubernatorial aspirants of the party for the 2019 general election. These were guidelines set and agreed by all members of the Advisory committee and for which a subcommittee was constituted to implement and i was the secretary to that subcommittee.
Unfortunately the party leadership went behind the good efforts of members of the subcommittee and chose to circumvent and disregard all terms of the agreement in the process leading to the primary election of the party in favour of one of the candidates. This candidate won that insincere election against the six other aspirants through the blatant insincerity of the party leadership. In fact almost all the the other aspirants had earlier accepted the results of the ‘election’ before the clandestine activities of the leadership in the process leading to the election came to the fore and they all came back to reject the election. The party leadership showed no concern because they had gotten what they arranged. This was the major reason why most of the aspirants and their supporters left the party and in fact worked against it in the general elections. Instead of the party leadership to show remorse and assuage the members who were thus hurt, they instead started castigating them and calling them all sort of names to paint them as unpatriotic in the eyes of unsuspecting followers of the pdp in the state and continued to push such members further away from all activities of the party. It was under these circumstances that the katsina state pdp congress was conducted with alot of breaches of the party constitution and election guidelines in order to achieve the same selfish agenda of the party leadership and this account for the reason why the party has seven court cases challenging the congresses with only one decided so far against the party,. Six cases are still to be decided by the courts.
Whether anybody likes it or not the truth must be told that the activities of the party leadership in Katsina leaves much to be desired. The party has been conered and personalized, such that you either belong to the party’s annointed candidate cabal for Governorship or you can as well go to hell.
It was in this same spirit that the last party congresses were held and this is why the party is battling with so many court cases, that if care is not taken the party will have no peace and stability to plan, prepare, join and win seats in the 2023 general election as a solid and strong entity. The party leadership seem to have forgotten that this is an opposition party that needs strong cohesion and strength which only true internal democracy could guarantee to enable its presence felt in katsina state, the state of the President of the ruling party in Nigeria.
The National Headquarters of the pdp must as a matter of urgency come to the rescue of the katsina state branch of the party from the extreme selfishness and bad leadership of the disolved Exco of party in order to save it from the major crisis of confidence that has already caged it. That the pdp in Katsina State has not won any election either in the general or the sixteen bye elections we had from 2015 to date is enough to tell any objective., balanced mind that something is amiss
There is definitely an urgent need to appoint and put in place a CREDIBLE AND NEUTRAL caretaker committee which will conform with the rules Natural Justice to among others ensure the following :

  1. Resolve all or most issues of dissent between and among all manner of members in the party across the state.
  2. Invite all aggrieved members including those who have been pushed out of the party for various selfish reasons of the last leadership and bring them on board into the pdp family.
  3. Provide a peaceful, conducive level playing ground for all members in fairness, equity and responsibility.
  4. Ensure the smooth conduct of congresses at ward, local govt and state levels in order to hand over the party to genuine representatives of the pdp family duly elected by them and supported by all in order to prepare the party for the 2023 general elections.
    I will not conclude this address without calling on all patriotic and resolute members of the pdp in Katsina state to join us in salvaging our great party from the shackles of selfishness, arrogance. Impunity, irresponsive and irresponsible leadership that will certainly lead us to nowhere other than give us a permanent seat as opposition party.



Thank you and may the Almighty Allah guide us and our leaders aright. Amen
Long Live the pdp
LongLive katsina state
Longlive the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Lawal Rufai
For and on behalf of all members of the PDP ‘A ‘GYARA’ KATSINA STATE


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