By lawal Rufai safana

My attention has been drawn to a response on my earlier press conference in which i explained my understanding of the genesis of the crisis in the PDP in Katsina state. I did this with a view to make its leaders to wake up and be more acommodative and responsive in order to carry everybody along and avert the disastrous consequences of not doing so, that is facing the party in Katsina. .
I wouldn’t have cared to respond to your rantings but for some very personal issues that your response dwelt on and for which i wish to elucidate as follows:.

  1. I was not an ANPP stalwart in 2007, i was a civil servant posted and serving as Director Admin Ministry of Agric and my permanent secretary then was Malam Halilu Bako. If i was sympathetic to ANPP or PDP, he would know better, but i believe that i couldn’t have been an ANPP stalwart under his leadership and yet earn a recognition andposting by His Excellency the Governor to the new Dept of Resource Devt in the same 2007 and charged with the responsibility of setting up the new Dept for the new Special Advisor in person of Engr Musa Nashuni.
    A job we did so well together. In fact my appointment as permanent secretary in 2008 was lobbied by Engr Musa Nashuni himself, while the then chairman of my local govt added his voice. So i couldn’t have joined pdp after my appointment as permanent secretary as you want people to believe.
  2. To say that i ensured the exit of major PDP players in safana local govt from the party is to say the least criminal. These people you mentioned have mostly been in the political arena before me and Alh Murtala was in fact the leading personality in the pdp in safana. He played his role and left when it suited him, i had nothing with that. He was a politician while i was a civil servant complimenting their efforts until i retired in 2019.
  3. Yes, my junior brother, Rabe Rufai had contested for the state assembly in 2015 and i didn’t allow him to even buy the form until i had cleared with His Excellency the Governor and had also received the go ahead of the serving member of KTHA of my local govt who had told me times without number that he was not going to seek re-election . Mind you he is my uncle. But as the political heat grew stronger things took different turns and he came back into the contest and my brother was not even cleared by state pdp headquarters to contest in the primaries and that was the end. There was no primary election that my brother lost. He is still staunchly in pdp with me.
  4. I wish to also remind the writer and the state pdp that i was part of the general meeting that was called to intimate stakeholders on the preocedures for the state congresses and as the party direced i led safana local govt team to safana and we explained all these procedures the party gave us to our teeming members and supporters and before God and man i did not interfere or influenced any process in producing all the concensus candidates that each Ward in the local gonvt turned up with. I have no faction or any favoured groups or persons in my leadership of the pdp in my local govt. So for anyone to insinuate that i wanted to install my cronies in that election against the popular wish my people, i can only say ALLAH YA ISA. You know what you did and you know very well it was very wrong and to this day that issue is one of the major problem between us in safana and party headquarters
    These are the personal issues i feel compelled to address in order to put the records straight. I hope when next you respond to issues of public service you will restrict your pen to the nitty gritty and avoid scandalous outburst taken from professional roadside slanderers that abound in Katsina.
    It is unfortunate that people of honour would allow their personal interest to becloud their sense of judgement and responsibility in leadership. We will all return to the Almighty Allah in not too distant future and He will definitely ask you to account. This world is nobody’s home. It is a mirage,. I will continue to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored because that is my nature and probably about the only responsibility i have to my colleagues, friends, associates and my immediate institutions and community.
    I thus wish to pray for you in the hope that Allah SWT will lighten your burdens and make you see reason and sense in all good counsels given to you, today and nd in your future.
    Thanks and may God Almighty bless the pdp and katsina state, amin.
    Safana was a former permanent secretary under PDP shema administration, one of the PDP elders in katsina state.


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