Group Urges Nigerians To Contribute Towards Ending Insecurity


    By Bello Hamza

    A group under aegis of Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection have yet again has called on Nigerians to wake up from long sleep and contribute towards ending insecurity, corruption, bad economic policies and oppression against minority groups.

    In a statement jointly signied by Comrade Madel Abraham,Ahmad Isa, Abas Abas, Josephine Badmus, Christian Emmanuel and Mikail Yunus said that it is a glaring fact that insecurity has become a monster with many branches which security agents in Nigeria appear incapable of handling its multifaceted manifestations like banditry, kidnapping, destruction of lives and property, creation of fear, to mention but a few.

    “Poverty continue to rise and living standard continue to deteriorate without robust productivity growth as a result of insecurity and bad goverment policies.

    “What are we doing about this ? Don’t we think as a country, we need the right policies and institutions to spur productivity growth and to have this achieved requires adoption of best practices in human and physical capital development, governance, and economic openness,” the statement read.

    Further more , the group shed more light on how to build the Nigerian economy and call for an end in the ill treatment of the Nigerian Education system and blame the Govt on the prolonged ASUU Strike that is affecting the country as well as the lives of the Nigerian students.

    On Human Rights, they also draw the attention of the Govt to avoid what they term ‘selective justice’ and oppressive detentions against some people in Nigeria giving example of the case of the Shia Muslim leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat. They call for the Government to free them and avoid any act that will further disgrace Nigeria in the eyes of the world.

    The group also shed more light on the importance of leaving in peace with one another in the country and well as the Unity of the people.

    According to them without the unity of the people , Nigeria cannot progress in all aspects of life building that includes peace , economy, Security , culture and Education in this cosmopolitan Nigeria.


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