Civil War: Government Should Take Action Against Wole Soyinka -Northern Elders Forum


By Dahiru muhammad Maihula

A member of the Northern elders forum and President Arewa concern citizens for development Alhaji Rufai Danmaje said the assertion made by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka that farmers herders conflict will cause civil war is wrong.

Alhaji Rufai Danmaje said Wole Soyinka is only saying his mind but intention of people like Soyinka is to divide Nigeria.

The Northern elder Rufai Danmaje said how can farmers herders conflict cause a civil war when the fulanis living in the south west are not the ones causing trouble so how do you expect the crisis to plunge Nigeria into a civil war as asserted by Professor Wole Soyinka.

Rufai Danmaje added that there is no law in Nigeria that Prevent Fulani from residing in any part of Nigeria.

After all ,there are many south-westerners residing in the North and we did not ask them to leave.

Rufai Danmaje President Arewa Concern citizens for Development urge the federal government and security agencies to swing into action against people like Wole Soyinka who are making inciting statements that can trigger further violence across the country.

In an interview with an online medium not Nigerian Tracker penultimate week, Professor Wole Soyinka said the farmers herders conflict in the South-west will cause Civil War in Nigeria attributing the problem to Herders.


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