Group Urged Citizens To Involve In Protecting Rights Of The oppressed


    A non governmental organization ‘BE A BUILDER OF A SECURE NATION’ has call on Nigerian citizens to be fully involved in activities that led to the protection of the rights of the oppressed, as onlooker’s silence in the face of oppression signifies acquiescence, a sort of tacit concurrence. This is because there are only two sides of the coin with regards to oppression – you’re either with the Oppressor or the Oppressed; there’s no sideline.

    The group made this known in a press statement made available to journalist on Wednesday in Abuja, the statement further explain that, “Unfortunately, we find ourselves in an era where everybody is more concerned with his own, and would be only too willing to pay deaf ears to the cries of the oppressed, conveniently shielding eyes from acts of injustice perpetrated by the oppressors against others. These acts of nonchalance by the masses embolden the bad elements due to the absence of resistance.”

    “It’s a similar scene in the international arena, where the so-called superpowers benefit from the bloody wars – either directly, or indirectly, due to the sales of weaponry and other interest-driven acts. Seeing past the façade isn’t too difficult, but the other nations usually keep silent due to fear of possible repercussions or for protection of their own interests.”

    “The silence of the main stream media is one of the most detrimental factors preventing our nations from moving forward. Due to lack of full disclosure and fabrication of tales to cover up the truth by the bad eggs in the information industry, full facts of the cases are hidden from the public, thereby worsening the scenario. A number of the uninformed masses watch helplessly, not knowing that they could actually contribute their own quota in appropriate ways towards the alleviation of the scourge.”

    “On the other hand, the ones with biased opinions refuse to get involved, and, in some instances, even rejoice due to their prejudices. Unknown to them, if they maintain their silence, leaving the acts of injustice unchecked, it may be their turn in future.”

    “Some of the few scarcely informed ones ignorantly think that it’s a hopeless situation; hence, they watch the unfolding events as the victims are being oppressed unjustly, thinking that there’s nothing they can do. If they’d been better-informed, they would’ve known that power doesn’t really belong to those in authority; rather, it belongs to the masses – it is they who could collectively do and undo with the help of God. However, this can’t be attained unless the people unite and have common goals, discarding elements of discrimination, selfishness, greed and corruption.”

    The group gherefore emphasis that “All people would have to respect humanity as divinely ordained by our Creator , even if you don’t believe in God at least you will be remembered as a good person that serve his people in the book of history. On the other hand, some people think when those in power draft a script, no matter wrong it is, it’s right. This is wrong; power is not righteousness.”

    “Remember that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Even Religion emphasizes the need for speaking up against injustice. The Prophets’ calls were based on that too.

    Therefore, continue the legacy. Take a stand, advocate for a true cause, even if it’s in small steps.

    View it as a responsibility you would be questioned on. Don’t just keep mute; use the tools at your disposal – intellect, voice, pens, wealth, etc.”

    The statemen when furher to ask, “What are you waiting for? Speak out against the acts of injustice perpetrated against the victims of Boko Haram, the victims of Banditry attacks , the victims of the End SARS protest , the Shia Muslim that suffered numerous types of oppression from the Nigerian Police , Soldiers and Boko Haram. Stand with all oppressed individuals and groups.”

    “Nigeria has bled and is still bleeding. No one is safe when another is being unjustly oppressed.

    Is time for the government to double up efforts to save the people from all harm, and to compensate all victims of terrorism and oppression.”


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