Ramadan: Group hails Kano, BUA over prices


As the Ramadan month of fasting approaches, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has called on the Nigerian Consumer Protection Council (NCPC) to imitate the example set by the Kano State Anti-Corruption Commission in order to checkmate the tendency for the essential commodity price hike.

The CNG, while saluting the action by Alhaji Abdussamad Isyaku Rabiu, Chairman BUA Groups to sanction any erring dealer that hikes the prices of essential commodities allocated by BUA, also warned against the ungodly action by marketers which exposes worshippers and the general public to severe hardship.

A statement by CNG’s spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, frowned at the tendency for marketers to exploit the citizens at times of need such as the Ramadan period and urged NCPC to take similar steps.

“We find the Kano Agency’s action in warning marketers against such exploitation very proactive and BUA’s sanction threat commendable and humanely considerate.

“As we pray for improved peace in the country, we call on Muslims to offer prayers for the leadership of the BUA Groups.

“It is regrettable that fellow Nigerian Muslim marketers would want to exploit their brethren at such sacred periods of worship as the Ramadan and Sallah.”

The CNG noted that it is only the ungodly that would enjoy making capital at the expense of the larger society during such periods.


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