Why we created more emirates in Kano -Ganduje


Kano Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on Sunday opened up on why his administration created additional four emirates in the state.

He disclosed all the classes of stakeholders in the state had agitated for it.

Kano had only one emirate with Emir of Kano as the only monarch.

Ganduje created Bichi, Karaye, Rano and Gaya emirates and elevated all to first class status in a manner some perceived the decision was aimed at pruning the powers of the Emir of Kano.

“A multi-stakeholder approach played a critical role in the creation of the additional four emirates in the state. All the stakeholders helped in one way or the other for all the emirates to be created to reach the present position,” the Governor said.

Ganduje spoke when the Emir of Rano, Muhammad Kabir Inuwa, visited him for Sallah celebration, at Africa House, Kano on Sunday.

He said: “While the traditional institutions of the beneficial places together with their subjects agitated for the uplift of their status, with recourse to historical positions of those places, the State House of Assembly did the needful by following the due process in their legislation of the Law establishing the additional Emirates.

“From our own side, as a government, we responded positively to the yearnings and aspirations of our people. We tried our best to give them what they needed.

“Imams and other community leaders prayed fervently for more Emirates. Business communities followed suit.

“Students unions, youth and women associations, among other unions also played vital roles in that direction.”

Ganduje noted the process was not without huddles as some people dragged them to court when the four new emirates were created.

“They (litigants) claimed the process of legislation was not rightly followed, but we fought our stand. As a law abiding administration, we started from the scratch and came up with another Law, which from all angles, we followed the due process.

“It was based on that law, that we now have four firmly rooted and established first class Emirates of Bichi, Karaye, Rano and Gaya,” the Governor said.

Listing some of the developmental projects executed by the state government in Rano Emirate, the Governor mentioned a major road project of more than 150 kilometers linking Karfi, Bunkure, Rano, Kibiya, Burum-Burum, Sumaila, and Kwanar Sumaila.

“To also accentuate our point of creating more cities around our newly created Emirates, at their headquarters, in Rano we have a general hospital with not less than 100 beds, but we are now turning this hospital to a 400-bedded hospital,” he said.


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