Chinese police help 1,737 missing, abducted children return home


Chinese police have located or rescued 1,737 missing or abducted children since January, including adults who went missing or were abducted as children, said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

Since a nationwide campaign codenamed “Tuanyuan,’’ meaning reunion in Chinese, was launched in January, police have resolved 91 long-pending cases involving child abduction or trafficking, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, a total of 236 suspects have been caught since the campaign began, it said.

During the campaign, China’s public security authorities have improved their systems and approaches, including a rapid locating mechanism for missing children and a DNA database to fight child trafficking.

Over 3,000 free blood-sampling sites have also been opened to the public recently, where missing or abducted individuals and their parents are encouraged to provide their blood samples to the police where possible. (Xinhua/NAN)


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