By Danjuma katsina

The political era had been stackingly eventful, with myriad, uncountable number of deadly attacks by bandits to near and remote, poor innocent communities of northwestern and north central Nigeria. These rising cases of crimes are worrisome andr still mutating in all ramifications.
Then, in x-raying the idiosyncrasies of Hausa-fulani crime-related contemporary society, and to stand firmly to bring the rigmarole polity to its lowest ebb, we must identify how and why the bandits penetrate those poor communities, perform devilish crimes with strong force. Intellectuality has it that the bandits are fed with hard drugs that make them go out of their senses, while in the acts.
We then cite example of one of the enruptually surprised deadly attack to a village by name Kadisau in faskari Local Government Area in Katsina State, sometime last year. They entered the village by exactly 5 pm, started spraying bullets in everybody sporadically, in an uncontrolled manner, killing many people, men and women, including kids. Those heartless bandits did so for many hours terrorising the town unchallenged. They also abducted many innocent people and went away unchased.
This captured attention of many media, and social medias around the globe. After a few days securities , caught some criminals suspected to have hands in the attack. When paraded and interviewed at katsina police headquarters, they lamented that they were invited by other indigenous criminals to assist them to combine force in carrying out the attacks. They made mention of hard drugs that were smuggled and fed to the bandits shortly before they ambushed the village. Those hard drugs, according to the bandits make them to go out of control, make them stronger and can face anybody in fight.
To make this allegation viable, realistic, one of the abductors of Kankara Science Secondary School got injury and was profously bleeding when they were foot-trecking with the students. When one of the students called his attention to look over, the boy told this writer that. I said to the man .sir your foot is bleeding. the bandit replied to the boy that he was aware of that, and went further telling the kid that they took hard drugs that make them to go out of their senses, and never feels hurt if they are injured. ‘You can only feel hurt when the drug’s action stops in your body’, the bandits replied the boy.
In another related ungodly attitude, bandits in one of the villages in Katsina State gathered women in one point and raped them. They also forced other men in the village to do same and wound the aged women in their private parts. This also took hours without the emergence of security officers.
During that, one of the women noticed one of the bandits stood in a corner, weeping and regretting, that showed his dismay. She then asked him to stop them. He replied to her that they were not in their senses, as they took hard drugs, characterizing total madness in them, until when the drugs stop action. That the can come back to these real senses.
Similarly, many abducted and released people were interviewed by this magazine on the incidences of drugs by bandits. They reply that when in captivity, the bandits may be in sober, insane condition. But when they are about going out for an operation, they take drugs which eventually turns them into animalistic, by making useless abuses, triggering guns and playing with motor cycles.
In a rear leaked phone conversation between two bandits leaders which this magazine listens.
One can often hear the bandits ’ voice over a phone conversation between them and their colleagues, that they are about going out for an operation, but drugs and other traditional herbs need to be supplied to them for energizing their bodies to perform more action than normal. Even the pardonable criminals made mention of this, as a catalyst towards an extra performance.
Traditional charmers assist the criminals too with charms to gain success in their operations.
If consumed, as latitude of jurisdiction they often fight themselves before going out, to testify the strongness of the drugs. Such drugs are supplied to them a tribe mostly from the eastern part of the country . Suspected to be ibos.they sometimes be mistaken as white men.a bandits paraded by police confessed that he saw a white man at there camp brought a hard drugs.our investigation finds out, they are not whitemen but likely ibo speaking tribe. At arrival, they knows the channels they can pass and deliver the drugs to the bandits at their locations.
As a tandem of good communication, In the next edition, the different types of drugs used by the bandits and its effect on body when taken shall be brought.
Compiled by Danjuma katsina
assisted by Aliyu Ibrahim Kankara.

The article was culled from katsina city news magazine. June/July edition 2021


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