Open letter to the Head of Service, Katsina state


3th July, 2021

Dear Sir,

  1. I write to congratulate you for successfully enhancing the status of the Katsina state civil service.
  2. I would also like to use this opportunity to enquire whether the position of the permanent secretary to the ministry of local government employees is a political appointment?
  3. Is the permanent secretary to the ministry local government employees above the law?
  4. Why is he allowed to be engaging in political activities and even campaigning for a candidate when it is still under ban for now?
  5. Is it legally accepted by government and civil service rules that a person occupying such position engages in such political activities beyond his duties?

Sir, in conclusion, I seek your response for these questions I have raised before I move ahead to ask more.

The permanent Secretary to the ministry of local government employees of Katsina state is presently leading a campaign group that goes by the name Mustapha Inuwa Alheri promoting the 2023 gubernatorial ambition of Mistapha Inuwa.

More so, he engages in this political activity beyond his legal appointment as the permanent secretary. In fact even on Saturday 3/7/2021, he staged a gathering in Funtua,in which DAf Daf and staffs of local government where forced to attend, find pictures attached.
The activities of this permanent secretary is a dynamite and a deadly time bomb,if not contained and check.

I hope you will respond to this letter pending the next one I am going to write.

Abdulaziz Abdullahi
Chairman Katsina State First Initiative.
No. 55 IBB Way Katsina.
Note ::
The letter was sent to the office of head of service and head office of matasa media links; publishers of katsina city news. Jaridar taskar labarai and the links newspapers.


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