By Katsina City News

    The member representing Mashi/ Dutsi federal constituency, Alhaji Mansur Ali Mashi has established a Fertilizer company, SAFALMA FERTILIZER COMPANY.
    The company, located on the verge of entering Mashi on the way from Katsina to Mashi is on its permanent site.
    One of the Editors of Katsina City News who paid a visit to the company observed that plants and Machineries have been installed for the fertilizer production.
    Already, the fertilizer had been packaged in bags with the name of the company.
    The headquarters of the company is also housing the laboratory for research on ways to enhance the production of the fertilizer.
    Similarly, the company had parking space for lorry vehicles and heavy duty Machines.
    It also has parking lots for cars and mini buses for the procurement of the fertilizer.

    SAFALMA FERTILIZER COMPANY has secured the services of qualified manpower for the production of quality Fertilizer for farmers to purchase for optimal output in farms.
    The Proprietor of the company told Katsina City News that the company was established to make it easy for farmers to obtain the commodity qualitatively and at affordable market prices.
    He said that Fertilizer to be produced will consider local governments from Katsina state and the state government.
    Alhaji Mansur Ali remarked that proximity will make it possible for purchasers to lodge complaint to enable the company to rectify in time.
    SAFALMA FERTILIZER COMPANY is the third in the series of companies to be established by the lawmaker.
    There was SAFALMA RICE and SAFALMA OIL, which are located on Lawal Kaita Road opposite Liyafa Hotel.
    Mansur Ali Mashi also owned
    automotive company called SAFALMA MOTORS.

    He also owned two petrol pump stations named IMAN and KASAR in Mashi and Dutsi.
    An investigation showed that the name SAFALMA emanated from combining the names of father and mother of the lawmaker.
    The two petrol pump stations have their names from the two children of Alhaji Mansur Ali Mashi
    Katsina City News


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