Coalition of northern groups

The attention of the Coalition of Northern Groups CNG Katsina state Chapter was called to a Guardian Newspaper report of 19th July, 2021, entitled: “Groups seek probe of 6.25b for ranching in Katsina” and attributed to a fringe coalition of a handful of civil society organisations in Enugu.
As patriotic, decent and responsible citizens, we have studied the statement carefully and observed deliberate inaccuracies borne of the usual pent-up prejudice against anything coming from or affecting the interest of northern Nigeria.
We have invariably concluded that rather make any sense, the makers of the statement merely succeeded in exposing a stack ignorance of the actual situation in Katsina and the North in general, due to entrenched ethnic bias that blinds them to the truth.
On our part, we consider this single act by the President Buhari as a loudable effort that proves his readiness to carrying his statements around national security and other threats to public safety beyond rhetoric.
It is important to educate those who have no other vocation than to attack the North, that the policy for enhancing the business of cattle harding is not personal as they ignorantly believe, but rather a programme initiated by the National Economic Council in 2018 with the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) blueprint.  
The Katsina ranch project will end not only incessant herders/farmers clashes in the country, but also banditry and kidnapping in the region as suggested by so many security experts and committees appointed to act on the matter by government at different levels.
It will also arrest the issue of food insecurity in the country unleashed by herders/farmers clashes and other activities of marauding killers leading to imminent deteriorating of farming activities, impending famine, attendant mass sufferings and pastoralism which is becoming history across most rural communities in the region.
We are however, not unaware of the numerous unsettled questions by the Katsina state government around non accountability and untransparent handling of public resources.
As we commend the effort of President Buhari in this particular regard, we also warn the Katsina state government to utilize the funds and ensure its appropriate placement on the said project.
Comrade Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi
Chairman CDC


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