Inside Gombe Cemetery Where At Least 10 Infants Are Buried Daily


At least 10 infants are buried on a daily basis at Gombe Central Graveyard, located some three kilometres from the metropolis.

Gravediggers, who spoke with Daily Trust, said over 750 corpses were buried at the cemetery there, excluding those of infants, within three months.

“This number excludes stillborn and infants that died before their naming ceremonies; we don’t record such incidents. But on a daily basis, at least 10 infants are buried here,” one of them said.

The gravedigger, Muhammadu Tasha, 57, also spoke about his experience at the cemetery.

He said he has lost social life as he spends most of his time at the cemetery.

“I work from 7am to 8pm for seven days because there is no provision for shift, so I miss all social activities like weddings, naming ceremonies and even funeral prayers.”

“What gives me comfort is my family. I did not object to this job because it is what puts food on our table. Also, I am respected by the society for doing what most people cannot do,” he said.


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