…EFCC cleared lawal Rufai safana
…judge transferred to Kaduna

The two Court cases between Former Governor Barrister Ibrahim Shehu Shema and the EFCC has taken a new twists.
In the first case at a Katsina High court on the missing local governments funds, which was about to be concluded, but for the demise of the presiding judge. After reassigning the case to another judge, EFCC has withdrawn the names of Former Commissioner of local governments in the Shema led administration, Alhaji Sani Makana and the then permanent secretary in the ministry, Alhaji Lawal Rufa’i Safana , the third and fourth dependents in the case.
In the resume sitting, the EFCC lawyers told the court that they wants withdraw the third and fourth respondents because investigation had shown that nowhere have they erred in the performance of their duties . Therefore they should not continue to face the charges. The sitting was later adjourned to another date.
At another sitting of July 2021 , the Court accepted the request of EFCC lawyers and removed the names of Alhaji Sani Makana and Lawal Rufa’i Safana from the suit.
On that day, fresh charges were read out to first respondent, Barrister Ibrahim Shehu Shema.

After that, the case was adjourned to the middle of September,2021.
At the federal High court in Katsina,EFCC lawyers are on the verge of concluding presentation of evidences against Shema and Dankaba, the woman judge had been transferred to Kaduna.
EFCC lawyers are now requesting that the case should continue at the federal High court in Katsina which that ,the case will start a fresh again.
On the other hand, Shema and Dankaba lawyers are praying that the case should continue in Kaduna because prosecution had almost concluded their submission before the woman judge was transferred, contending that only two witnesses remain for them to conclude submission for the defense lawyers to counter and the judge to give judgement on the matter.
Right now, it remains to be heard if the case will continue in Kaduna or start a fresh in Katsina.

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