By Danjuma Katsina

After a special Journalistic investigation conducted by our newspapers on the general condition of the famous Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina, and also following the Editorial Board review of the outcome of the investigation, what professionally remains is to get the official from the vice chancellor of the university Professor Sanusi Mamman.
I took it upon myself to contact him physically on behalf of our newspapers to know his side of the story in order to be fair to him and the University Authority as well as fulfill the requirements of investigative journalism for a balanced and authentic report.
When I reached the Senate Building of the University, I saw the vice chancellors vehicle parked in his official car shade.
I felt happy as it appears almost certain that the VC was on seat, and I will have the chance of meeting him physically to know his response on some questions raised in the report.
On reaching his office, I was told that he was not on seat. Was he somewhere within the campus? I was told that he was not even in town. But why was the car parked as if he was onseat. They said that was the tradition. When will he come back, and when can I meet him in office? Nobody seems to know.
That was how I left without succeeding in my mission. I went back at three different occasions but it was always the same story, he was not on seat and I should exercise more patience and come back again.
When spent more than a week without seeing him I changed my tactics. I left a written massage for him on our official letter headed paper informing him that we would like to meet him at his convenience to get some answers to some enquiries which we intend to publish in our newspapers.
We requested for his time to discuss with him even if it is on phone .I personally took the letter to his office which was duely acknowledged, I left, hoping to get response. But up to the time of this writing Monday 13/9/2021, no response. Did he see the letter? It was confirmed that he saw the letter. Virtually all the letters that were taken to him along with our letter were responded to, except ours.
When then former Vice Chancellor completed his tenure, there were serious calls from the University community and other stake holders that the next vice chancellor should be appointed from the internal structure of the University, not from elsewhere.
So when Professor Sanusi Mamman emerged the new VC Jubilation trailed his appointment from all quarters with optimism that positive changes and progress will be speedily recorded. But in less than a year after his appointment, things have started falling apart, unless something is done urgently to rectify the situation.
In our investigations which we took more than 14 days trying to get the VC response but in vain, we came across many disturbing revelations that unless the Governor urgently comes to the rescue of the university things will go out of hand and out of control.
We came across several petitions and complaints submitted to the council of the university,including the one submitted by the coalition of civil societies in katsina. Another such complaints was directly submitted to the Governor.

It was recently announced that His Excellency the Governor had directed the University Authority to employ any graduant of the University who passed out with a first class degree. Everybody was happy with the announcement and even prayed for the Government. But our investigation confirmed that the order was not obeyed by the authorities of the university. How many were employed? How many were not so lucky. The answer was nowhere to be found. Our findings were very disturbing the annoying things was that they used the announcement to call on anybody who seeks employment with the university to go and purchase a form at the rate of 10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira only).
A large number of people purchased the form which only turned out to be another source of revenue for the university. How the money realized for sale of the forms was utilized is not known. The scanty explanation received wasn’t so convincing.
The university has different approved Bank accounts. Our findings indicate that all the accounts are in red. We discovered that were many extra-budgetary expenses including many unnecessary travelling expenses. We also can’t establish the wisdom behind renting an office in Abuja, furnishing it mas well as staffing it, in the name of the University’s liaison office in Abuja.
This act appears to be over budding the University, especially considering the fact that the building is very expensive and a lot of money was used in furnishing and staffing it.
Had it been that we were able to have audience with the VC, we would have asked him why he insisted in terminating the appointment of some thirty three lectures who the university sponsored their training and who are no doubt very dedicated to their duties, but he remained adamant that, he will at least convert them from permanent staff to temporary staff.this will no doubt affect the academic wellbeing of the university.
We are in possession of some decuments regarding the pathetic situation of some 28 staffers of the preliminary studies section of the university, who happened to be Katsina state indigenes and who were legally employed and who served the university diligently but the VC terminated their appointment. Although he re-instated some of them following much pressure, about 8 of them are still in that dilemma, simply because he accused them of writing a petition to the Governor of Katsina State.
Up to the moment of filling this writing, we are still investigating about a room in female hostel which is being occupied by a very special female student. It is alleged that light is often switched off at her instance whenever she expects a very special visitor. Who is that girl? Who is the person whose visits to her necessitates the switching off of the light in the hostel?
Similarly, what is the reason behind transferring a finance officers to laying minister campus which is yet to become operational? Some people are of the view that he was transferred as a result of his constant advice that due process must be followed in all financial transactions we are still trying to establish the truth about it.
Again, who is the female student whose exam was remarked and passed without following the established process of the university’s rules and regulations. The girl has even reported for her national service at the insistence of her father. Many sources confirmed the incidence, but as we are yet to confirmed from the father of the girl, we will not reveal the name for now. We leave it for another day.that in our full report.
Who is the female lecturer who is being victimized because she is accused of not allowing a failed female student to proceed to the next level?
The statistical documents in our possession about the staff and the salaries they are supposed to be paid as well as the amount expected from the state government indicate that for the first time since the establishment of the university, one day salaries may not be paid as a result of poor planning and lack of diligence in handling the finances of the university. the allegation,yet to be confirmed.
Our investigation revealed that previous administrations in the university utilized surplus from the salaries to engage visiting professors, to recruit temporary staff and even leave some amount as contingency. Now for the first time the university owes some visiting professors and some had to be stopped for lack of money to pay them.
Who was offered the contract of supplying some books to the university library? Some of the books supplied to the university can cause the university some problems, if authors of some of the books realized that their books were pirated or plagiarized as our investigation revealed.yet to confirmed from the university.
We made frantic effort to have audience with the Vice Chancellor to know whether it is true that he doesn’t have the interest of the university at heart. To also know from him whether it is true that he abandons the university as a result of a appointment he pursues in Abuja.
immediately we have the chance of meeting with the Vice Chancellor and have his side of the story, we will release our comprehensive and authentic findings including some documents in our possession.
Muhammad Danjuma Katsina
Publisher of
Katsina City News group of online newspapers.jaridar taskar labarai. The links news and bureau chief. Education monitor newspapers.
Monday 13/9/2021.


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