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By Hassan Male

A non governmental organisation, Media Center for Research, Education and Development ( McRed) says, the recent security measures jointly put in place by the federal, state governments and security institutions are yielding positive result.

Malam Adamu S. Ladan the executive director of the center dropped the hint through a press statement issued to journalists across the country.

According to the statement, the stakeholders on the Frontline must be commended for taking the fight to the bandits enclave which leads to the destruction of the criminal camps and securing the release of captives.

However, McRed advised security agents to be proactive by blocking all escape routes for the fleeing criminals and their abettors, urging government not to waver especially in this moment of rising banditry against high profile targets in some locations in Katsina State, describing the recent bandits activities as ‘ kicks of a dying horse’.

The Center further urged people not to despair and be mindful that the bandits would want do all they could to instigate civil unrest and blackmail the authorities to stagnate the operation.

McRed, therefore, is advocating for more public engagements and enlightenment on the new approaches in the fight against the criminal gangs, reiterating the call for governments to embrace the civil society in the quest to achieve greater results in the current onslaught against bandits.


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