No gainsaying the trending unprecedented scandal involving the “offices” of the Kano First Lady and that of the Kano “First Son” in which, according to reputable reports, the “first son” reportedly petitioned EFCC accusing the First Lady, his mother, of being involved in land racketeering, is another history for Kano State and even sadder for Governor Ganduje. This is a huge setback for this administration which not even the PDP could inflict on it hence, well deserving of the condemnation of all Nigerians and more importantly, the attention and a categorical statement from the APC condemning the measureless Kano aberration and encouraging relevant agencies to get to the root of the matter.

No opportunity could be better than this for the APC to walk its talk by spearheading agitations for proper investigation and judicial processing of this matter on one hand and on the other, kickstart the process of revoking the illogical and cumbersome immunity clause shielding political leaders who, in saner climes, are the guinea pigs for testing the applicability of the operating manual for good governance guiding. No doubt, this is a huge challenge to President Buhari’s administration which foundation is partly rested on his anti-corruption disposition and APC’s promises of changing the old wheels on which Nigeria has been wobbling for longer than many could recall and fixing new wheels for Nigeria to run smoothly.

This is one scandal too many and certainly another lethal blow to President Buhari’s anti-corruption agenda coming, again, from the least expected place, Kano, his biggest support base. Kano, or at least its leadership, seem determined to remain on the front pages of local and international magazines for all the wrong reasons. This is using family access to power for undeserved benefits is a too familiar method which Kano First Family should have mastered with the last equally monumental scandal that shook the ancient city to its roots. Sadly, all the lesson of the “Season 1” were either lost or never learned.

Needless to say, lots of work need to be done to redeem the image of the President and save APC from being paid back in coins it will not like to have in its piggy bank in less than two years to come. Let’s bear in mind that what’s remaining of President Buhari’s tenure is largely going to be more about scrutinizing the administration rather than expectations of anything more than what’s already delivered. Then it’s safe to say this is scandal is too big a dirt to be swept under the carpet. How the scandal is dealt with could be the decider of APC’s survivability in the next round of elections if not in Nigeria at least, in Kano state, a critical state in Nigeria’s political permutations. Therefore, nothing short of assiduous investigations and dispassionate prosecution of identified culprits will appease Nigerians and sustain the covenant of trust between this administration and Nigerians.

Yes, it’s time we review the Nigerian constitution and address serious lapses hampering the development of democracy while posing serious challenge to good governance. Without the immunity clause, the “prosecution-proof” vest enhancing the agility and boldness of elected public officials to commit all sorts of atrocities, perhaps, the earlier scandal involving Governor Ganduje might’ve been dealt with judicially in a manner that could have prevented this “relapse”either by improving his attention to the huge burden of trust vested on his shoulders if he’s not found guilty or, by relieving him and his family the burden of supervising the collective wealth of the Kano people if found guilty. Kano would have been saved this round of embarrassment and of course, the long unsettling wait for the next.

I’m truly pained and disappointed! I’m pretending to be sleeping and praying to wake up from this nightmare.


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