PHOTOS: Some Monumental Achievements of PMB


A Look At 60 Photos Of Capital Projects And Achievements Led By President Buhari’s Administration

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There are many ongoing projects in the country today, from building good roads to building good schools and others, today we will be looking at 60 capital projects and achievements that are being led by President Buhari in terms of Train Rail lines and Agriculture in Nigeria.

1. Agriculture; 

Food is an important aspect and we all need food to survive, president Buhari’s administration helped in the production of locally made rice in the north. The main aim of this project is to produce enough agricultural products in the country. With this new development of producing locally made rice from Kebbi state, importation of foreign rice will reduce and it will encourage locally made rice.

However, President Buhari encourages many farmers to produce maize, rice, and many other food crops in Kebbi, Kanu, and Kaduna.

2. Modern Rail lines;

President Buhari’s administration has produced one of the best rail lines in Nigeria. Abuja to Kaduna rail line is a standard rail line modern project carried out by President Buhari’s administration.

However, the Lagos-Ibadan rail line is another great development that is being led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

3. Other capital projects ;

ongoing construction of the Second Niger bridge, Kano to Zaria, Kaduna, Abuja expressway, rehabilitation of Enugu to Portharcourt expressway, and many others. See more photos.

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