Jada town was founded in the year 1898 during the reign of Lamido Zubairu (the 4th Lamido of Adamawa). The founding fathers of Jada sought the permission of Lamido Zubairu to establish a town in his domain, this request of the founding fathers was granted by Lamido Zubairu. They went head to establish a town to be known as Jada.
Five years after the establishment of this young town in 1903, the British Colonialist under the leathership of Lord Frederick Lugard conquered Northern Nigeria but this area (Jada) remained part of the German territory until the First World War between 1914 to 1918 in which the Germans were defeated, with the defeat of the Germans in the First World War, their territories were administered under the United Nations Organization as Trust Territories. The Trust Territories were divided in to two parts; one for the British and the other for France.

With this development, however, Jada being part of the German Territory was then been administered as Trust Territory under the British colonial Government which is administered as part of Adamawa Emirate. Jada remained the headquarters of the former Nassarawo District in the then Adamawa Native Authority, until 1960 when the defunct Chamba Native Authority (Later, Ganye Native Authority) was created as a result of the first Plebiscite held on 7th November 1959, the creation of Chamba N.A necessitated the movement of the Administrative seat to Ganye town.

Despite the movement of the headquarters however, Jada remained the commercial centre of southern part of this state and it continued to play a leading role in this direction. Since then, however, Jada witnessed a lot of political and administrative developments.
With the creation of more states and local governments by the then military administrtaion on 27th August 1991, Jada local government was created, it was curved out of Ganye local government area.
Jada Local Government Area has nine (9) administrative districts, they are; Jada, Mbulo, Leko, Koma, Mayo-kalaye, Nyibango, Ndanaba, Yelli and Mapeo districts. Jada local government is still under Ganye Traditional Council beside the district headquarters. There are other 26 administrative village areas with 328 wards. The local government is inhabited by many ethnic groups, notable among which are the Fulanis, Chambas, mumuye, Hausa, Koma, Verre and many other ethnic groups.


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