1.The first Hausa Mayor of Enugu Umaru Altine lived the rest of his life and died at his home off Alkali road in Kaduna.

2.Barnawa was founded by people from Borno state.

3.Anguwan Kanawa was named after a Regimental Sergeant Major whose surname bears Kano.

4.Kaduna Polytechnic was established as Kaduna Technical College.

5.When President Ahmadu Ahidjo of Cameroun was toppled,one of the top officials of his Government lived in exile in Kaduna and stayed at the Present Adamawa liason office.

6.Murtala Square was designed as an Air Strip for Sir Lord Lugard.

7.Alhaji Bawa Garba established the first literary and entrepreneurial school called Arewa Advancement Classes at Lemu road T/Nupawa Kaduna.

8.Police College Kaduna was established in 1945

9.Kaduna Prison was established in 1915.

10.Shooting Range was an area where convicted Armed Robbers were tied and shot.

11.Rabah Road was named after Late Sardauna’s birth place,Rabah in the present Sokoto state.

12.Nupes from Bida established Shaba Ward.

13.The most outstanding Businessmen philanthropist for the cause of Islam were late Alhaji Ibrahim Kano and Alhaji Amadu Chanchangi.

14.Balarabe Musa served as a Governor of the state from his home and declined to live in Government House.

15.Kaduna Golf Club and Kaduna Rugby club are close to a hundred years since their conception.

16.The most closest comrade to Aminu Kano in Kaduna was late Alhaji Yaro Tela who lived in Kontagora road.

17.General Muhammadu Buhari lived in Kaduna for close to 50years.

18.Gen Sani Abacha once lived in katuru road Kaduna.

19.Bala Miller was the first Modern highlife entertainer in Northern Nigeria.

20.Costain Quaters known as Jaafaru estate named after the late Emir Jaafar ,was built by the British Costain construction company now based in Abuja.

21.British James Bond actress Fiona Fullerton was born in Anguwan Sarki Kaduna.
22.The Present National Museum office In Anguwan Sarki was the home of late Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa and later became the Headquarters of NPC.
23.Major Nzeogwu Kaduna was born in a house along Nasarawa road,schooled in Rimi College and lived at Kanta road as a military officer.
24.Emperor Haile Salasie of Ethiopia visited Kaduna along with Gowon in 1972.
25.Late Chief Bola Ige was born in Kaduna.
26.Lord Lugard lived In a house close to Murtala Square.
27.Ahmadu Ribadu and Victoria Gowon lived along Bakori road.
28.Former President Obasanjo once lived in a house along Katsina road as a young military officer.
29.WAFF road renamed Muhammadu Buhari way by Col Lawal Jafaru Isa was christened to immortalize Black Africans from British Colonies in west Africa,who where drafted on the side of the alliance against Hitler and Mussolini incursions into Africa.Their grave yard is at the cemetery near Essence International School.
30.Ahmadu Bello way used to be called Prince Edwards road.


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