Journalism is not a crime


    By Muhammad Danjuma,
    Zaharadeen ishaq

    The Chief Executive Officer of Matasa Media Links, publishers of the Taskar Labarai newspaper, The Links News, Katsina City News online and Katsina City News Magazine, a periodic publication on Katsina and its people, Muhammad Danjuma has stated that it is never a crime to practice journalism and should nor be suppressed, intimidated or castigated.

    Danjuma who spoke at a training workshop organised for the Reporters , especially the new intakes on how to report news from three neighbouring states and local governments, said journalism is a prestigious profession that scares suppressive leaders and people with evil minds.

    “A journalist is not above the law, nor is he above personal weaknesses or facing accidents” Danjuma stated.

    He further stated that no fewer than 100 journalists are in prison across the world including Nigeria.

    “Many have been killed, many others have been injured, many others have been trapped and some have fallen into the trap and gotten their mouths shut. Hence, it is compulsory to be watchful of journalists” he emphasised.

    Danjuma went further to state “You should understand that journalists are humans and citizens of the country that enjoy every right to seek legal actions in courts or report to security agencies to seek their rights against anyone that intends to suppress them.

    “Just of recent you have heard how a court in Kano ordered the state governor to pay Jafar Jafar N800,000 for wasting his time. He was paid the amount and he has since donated the amount to the needy through a local radio station that helps the needy in one of its programs.

    “Here in Karsina there is the case between Mazoji and Matazu, although is not directly linked to journalism but is a good example that if you are cheated, you have the right to seek legal redress.

    “Mazoji went to court to seek redress against Matazu, the court of first instance ordered that he be paid over N9 million, the same judgement was reaffirmed by the appeal court and presently the case is waiting at the Supreme Court” he said.

    Danjuma advised that “Go and concentrate on your work and ensure that you abide rules and no one can harass you. You should always remember that your enemies and the enemies of your work are hell bent in finding your faults and mistakes in order to stop you or use it against you. You should therefore be very careful”.

    He further said that journalism is like a Hausa drama where it is said here is that of crises and here is that of tranquility and one will be treated according to what he chooses.

    He also explained that in journalism there is investigation, there is reports of different kinds, there are opinions and there are also features.

    “We also publish public enlightenments as well as sensitization, education, emancipation and others. Whichever is needed we are good at it and they are the ones we are teaching you.

    “You are lucky as the clime changes your location can also be changed to another place where you will continue to do your work. There are many journalist that have migrated from their original domains and are working elsewhere. For example Jafar Jafar is in London. Whenever we disapprove of any place we move away and continue our work elsewhere. This kind of opportunity rarely exists in the past.

    “We know those who like us and we also those who dont like us. We know those who understand us, those who help us and those who are patient with us.

    Whosoever suppresses us, we will wait for his turn and we will surely deal with him when the time comes” He added.

    Danjuma told the practitioners that “The style of our medium is such that we are always on the alert and can change anything within the shortest time possible and continue the work as determined by the circumstance.

    “An expert in war psychology once said, if you want to live in peace, always be prepared for war.

    “Whosoever oppresses us should wait for the time God would place us on him and we will deal with him accordingly” he concluded.
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