How to lodge in a Hotel in Nigeria


I have travelled wide and slept in many hotels within and outside Nigeria. One thing is clear, I’m scared sleeping in hotels in Nigeria than anywhere else. You are assured of safety in other countries more than Nigeria.

This is my advice for those intending to sleep in hotels anywhere in Nigeria.

  1. Check the environment. If the hotel is located in a remote area or surrounded by bush, it is a Red flag.
  2. Check the rooms to ensure that everything is okay and no access points for anybody. Make sure the window unit AC is not removable easily. It can be used as access points.
  3. Immediately inform your loved ones about the name of the hotel, the address and your room number. Very important.
  4. Do not pay cash or make transfer to someone to pay for you. Directly credit the hotel or use the POS. If any hotel insist on cash, please walk away. It is a red flag.
  5. Ensure there is network to make calls in your hotel room. Some hotels deliberately make tile walls to prevent network in order to make your location disappear on network.
  6. Check the access road. If it is lonely, be careful. It is a red flag also.
  7. If possible, do not eat in the hotel. Guests may be poisoned or drugged and easily accessed for evil. I don’t know how true this is; I learnt a hotelier once drugged a lady through a drink and raped her.
  8. Do not keep sensitive items in an open and easily seen area. Things like cash, laptops and etc
  9. When getting a room service, do not allow the service man or woman into your room. Attend to them while they are outside.
  10. Be sensitive to sound around you when you sleep in hotels. This will give you a clue of what to do in the event of emergency.
  11. Ensure you keep your doors properly locked. I have slept in a hotel where the door can be opened from outside. I rejected the room and I wasn’t given other room.
  12. Keep a weapon close to yourself. Under your pillow in case of emergency. Defend yourself as much as possible when event turns out. I keep bottle close to my bed when in any hotel. I can’t shout.
  13. Don’t let hotel staff know about your movement. Some of them are informant. Be careful.
  14. Don’t allow strangers spend the night with you in a hotel. This is for men who like to carry strange women to rub sexual emotions. The stranger may drug you, kill you and make away with your belongings.
  15. Complete the hotel information form, sign and take the picture. Send the picture to a family member. Never sleep in a hotel that tells you not to worry about completing your information form.
  16. No matter how long you staying in a location, don’t use same hotel more than 5 days. Except you ar very comfortable.
  17. Bad incidents can happen anywhere. Protect yourself at all time. Be prepared and also ensure that someone knows where you are at a time.

I come in peace.


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