(Opinion) Zaura: Realm for a dream


By Al-Amin Ciroma

And when Kano people scamper for help. His Excellency, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura is distinguished, illustrious, and eminent. Zaura is a public figure, young politician, and an international businessman with proof of academic sacrosanct. Mr. Zaura has been a globally regarded business professional with a great sense of philanthropism and integrity. Above all, the young Kano-APC bigwig – is a true reflection of patriots.

A lot of Kano citizens see him as a messier to the current dispensation where all hands are on deck to shop for the right person to occupy the number seat in Kano State come 2023 general elections. The hopes and aspirations are seen vividly with all categories of the society yearning for his comeback as their savior after the successful completion of Ganduje-led administration.

The ‘Kanawa’ condition had become far too overwhelming from the very day they have discovered that A. A. Zaura, as he is fondly called is a successful philanthropic personality, having known him for decades empowering and supporting his constituency and beyond. Zaura is seen today as the only right person with a good heart for Kano State. One would think such yearning are mere political gimmicks but it’s always sufficing for one to take a walk in the streets of the commercial center, and make some vox-pop. No doubt Mr. Zaura, through his professional foundation – The A. A. Zaura Foundation – has done more than enough and is still at the forefront to disabuse the minds of those who feel the international business tycoon is only playing games to achieve his desired political ambition.

He vividly appears to be one of the very few political motivators and players in Kano State, it said, it has studied the paradigm shift Mr. Zaura launched, which qualifies him to run for any position anywhere, regardless of being a member of a political party. All those one can meet to express their minds about Alhaji Abdulsalam Zaura, would no doubt tell you that they are convinced that Mr. Zaura is a true patriot, and the most committed grassroots’ politician by following up all his track of the record, more especially in the aspect of humanitarianism and societal empowerment.

They feel Zaura can even win his constituency and state even without enrolling in any political party. Therefore, we can vividly say that it is the parties that need him, and not the other way round. He is indeed a brand and mentor to all politicians in the present Kano political atmosphere. It stated that the young politician is the man the commercial center needs. According to them, even before he stepped his toes into politics, he has been at the forefront of bringing solace to his people.

Within the shortest time Mr. Zaura take to test the waters, an overwhelming number of pessimists were duly enlightened about his true state and his personality. To an extent that they are all convinced since the truth has become so palpable that the trained eye can see the anemic paleness of the personality of the great Zaura from far. It is said that when the blood is undernourished, the color of the skin betrays the plight of the body.

What remains is that for all to comply and come to terms and also know that the giant state like Kano, needs not just a professional, but optimistic personality, truthful patriot, successful philanthropic guru, economic expert, an enthusiast in humanitarian aspects and above all – a highly intelligent gentleman – like A. A. Zaura!

*Ciroma, is a media aide to Zaura. He can be reached on 08033225331, alaminciroma@gmail.com


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