Muslims Group Attend Christmas Service In Zaria, Present Gifts


Muslims Group under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky popularly called Shiites on Saturday attended a Christmas Church service at HEKAN Church Hayin Danyaro Samaru Zaria Kaduna State.

Speaking in an interview with Journalists shortly after the service, the leader of the team, Prof. Isa Hassan Mshelgaru said the essence of attending the service was to promote love, tolerance, and understanding among Nigerians.

He said: “Well, we decided to attend this Church service today because today is Christmas Day, a day that the birth of Jesus is being celebrated all over the globe and we feel that we also have our concern to share with them the feelings of the day Jesus was born.

“Because, the coming of Jesus to this world is a blessing to everybody, so, we wish that we should come and celebrate this glorious day with them.”

He also explained that as Muslims they considered Christians as their fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, however, adding that they are here today to join them in celebrating and share the joy of this day with them.

“As they attached importance to this day, so also we attached so much importance to the day, that is why we come today to clear all the unnecessary imaginary boundaries that have been created between Muslims and Christians.

“This is more important now that the country is facing multiple security challenges that require all hands to be on deck in order to overcome,” he noted.

In his message to other Nigerians, Hassan-Mshelgaru advised that Nigerians must come together irrespective of religious, tribal or political divide to solve the nation at the verge of crises.

On his part, the Pastor of the Church, Pastor Hakila Samuel Darmah expressed his appreciation for the visit, saying it is a milestone that will open a new beginning and would remain a memorable one for a very long time.

He called a sustained relationship to keep the spirit of brotherhood floating between the two religions.

“In fact, I am so excited that they can think of a thing like this to come and visit us on Christmas Day celebration like this,” he said.

Darmah appealed to Nigerians to emulate the kind gesture of the Zakazaky group to further strengthen tolerance, understanding and brotherliness among Nigerians.

The visitors presented a gift to the Church as a sign of love.


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