JUST IN: Datti Ahmed Dies At 83, Buried In Kano


The President-General of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN), Dr Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, is dead and buried in Kano.

Aged 83 years, the renowned medical doctor, politician and Islamic cleric died in the early hours of Thursday after a protracted illness.

He is survived by a wife and 10 children.

His funeral prayer was conducted at the Alfurqan Friday Mosque in Kano before his burial at the Tarauni cemetery in the Kano metropolis.

According to his closest friend, Abba Adamu Koki, the deceased has been battling several health issues for almost two years before he got bedridden.

Speaking to The Links News, Koki said; “this is a loss not for us who are close to him alone, but to the entire country at large and even Africa for we have lost a great man, someone who lived his life for others.

“He is the first person who opened a private hospital before others take lead just to contribute to the government’s effort in the health sector.

“He later turned his activities towards building Islamic religion and Muslims.

“Even when he’s not in good health, whenever we extended something to him, his input is always the best.

His uncle, Bala Abubakar, prayed for his soul to rest in peace, describing him as a trustworthy and honest person who lived on the right path while alive.

“It’s been six months, he was suffering from diabetes and later on issues of the bone came in due to age,” he said.

Renowned Islamic cleric, Mallam Ibrahim Khalil, while also praying and mourning the loss, said; “until his death, he is the guardian of all his relatives and orphans in his family.

“He takes care of their education, health and everything.

“He is an exceptional human being who has lived life to greatness.

“He always says that when he dies we should bury him close to a good man and that is why we secure a space for him close to Ado Gwaram who also left a footprint throughout his life serving the course of education like he is in the health sector and religion.”

The SCSN is the focal Islamic religious institution that deals with Sharia in Nigeria and is also a representative body of Nigeria’s Muslim scholars.


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