Why A. A. Zaura Remains Kano’s Alluring Unifier, Best Bait For The 2023 Race


By Al-Amin Ciroma

No doubt Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (A. A. Zaura) has become the sole personality Kano State political arena is waiting for! Zaura will from every indication throw his hat into the ring for the second time in his journey vis-à-vis the Kano State number one seat.

The most interesting story about this young and promising international businessman cum politician is that he came into politics with a difference! But that is not news, anyway and neither is it the nub of this piece entwined on my very personal thoughts, reflections, and observations apropos the current happenings in the center of commerce.

I am one of the millions of keen watchers and diligent followers of all political expedition of Kano State, every fact shows the state is in dire need of a sincere consensus builder who would first and foremost shoulder the responsibility of coalescing the political atmosphere, and being hundred and one different modalities and focus in restoring back Kano lost glories, and save it not only from further cracks but also from trussing to the abyss and precipice.

There is no gainsaying the fact that flowing from certain actions, reactions, and counter-reactions, the internal rancours within the state versus its elites are mainly driven by ambition on the part of the political class who are more in a hurry to position themselves to come out for this glorious position rather than quench the fire first.

On his part, Mr. Zaura, with years of experience in grassroots mobilization and coordination, is now a card-carrying member of the APC, not only that he has qualified to become one of the great chieftains of the ruling party. Age is no longer a barrier in politics, rather capacity and experience are the most important features needed to run any political office and as a young international businessman, Zaura had long ago ventured into humanitarian activities through his foundation – the A. A. Zaura foundation.

He is mentoring the youth to be steadfast and persevere in all their endeavor, even though they must see a lot of things positive or negative. But they must channel all their resource into doing things that’ll prepare them for the task ahead politically. He always believes that we must also provide opportunities for ideas to excel using engagement, consultations, and dialogue. His aspiration for the number one seat in Kano State is a clear testimony to the fact that “Loyalty and Direction” are instrumental to personal development especially when hope is not lost. He sees his aspiration as a bridge between experience to opportunity, is an alliance for good governance, and the best dividends of democracy.

Alhaji Zaura always conceptualizes social conflict as the great creative and ever-present force that leads to change, remarking further that societies and social organizations are held together, not by consensus but by constraint, not by universal agreement but by coercion of some by others. He has consistently harped on unity and constructive development in his Press assertions that, “APC is greater than our individual ambitions, all we need is to make our party great with enormous contributions towards ensuring we drive the best for our dear state. We shall ensure that happens by making sure that we give kudos to the exemplary leadership of His Excellency Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s led administration in order to consolidate all his laudable scorecards.”

In the coming weeks, Alhaji Zaura would be making strong waves into the polity with outstanding ambiance and in sharp contrast to the expectations of many taken a boldly pragmatic step to hold Kano State with a fame grip full of the archetypal system of politicking. Indeed, another chance for this super international businessman cum politician would prove this!


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