By Nasiru Umar Dutsinma

When late Hassan Usman Katsina (Ciroman Katsina) nad late President Umaru Musa Yaradua (Mutawallen Katsina) were alive their influenced impact the society. Let every political aspirant intending to be whatever, not even those seeking election but even those participating in political struggle, help people and electorates to understand their potential to positively influence katsina State community and society to elect right candidate at the right path directions. So that, both of them are able to share experienced with wider community and serve as inspiration to others coming behind, as by what those who are late done. However, both of them started public and political journey, they crossed the hurdles and overcome challenges. They are community champion both in public and political leadership. Therefore, Katsina State people needs in coming leaders whose their political influence and impact will be helpful, useful and productive to the society, unlike now. Furthermore, what exactly people of the state expect from all aspirant in 2023 are fiscal discipline and accept to shoulder public responsibility positively, to take step towards reviving our lost political hospitality leadership values, and when it is over, their political statement will be inspirational to society as like when General and late president died they left behind unforgettable legacy still under discussed. They deserve to be celebrated because they are unique and unrepeatable in their aspects. No one can deny neither doubt about their leadership process, which their influenced made others to accomplish various public and political objectives and direct in a way that makes more cohesive and coherent. This leaders they carry out this process by applying the attributes of leadership such as beliefs, values, ethics, characters, ideas, knowledge and wisdom excellently under good determination, courage and strength that made people fortunes, resourceful and prosperous. That is why in coming elections the people of Katsina State we must be careful in choosen leaders that will represent us in any mandate. We are potentials, let us pray almighty Allah to provide us with potential leaders who accepted that our problems are their aspects. Leaders of political ideology with certain set of ethical, ideals, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of social movements, institution, class with define team of experienced people that explains how society should work and offers some political cultural blueprints for a certain social order. Any it describes not any particular set of aspirations and aversions, but a distance between what exist and what is deserved. Katsina State people now needs no making noise levels of aspirant who came through the wind of change and incapable. Perhaps, the Katsina State people should find person of political ideology whose main commitment is to publics liberty. Whose political beliefs or activity means Katsina State people beliefs and actions as long as they are lawful. Who also protect people rights, lives and property not to hold certain beliefs or take certain actions. That means not a leader who is against the law to discriminate against the people because people support a certain political party or a candidate. I therefore, call on Katsina State people to choose leaders whose political beliefs means when someone does or does not, have a lawful political beliefs, or it is not, a member of political party take parts in or refuses to take part in political action. Indeed, Katsina State need leader who sacrificed for others. Leader who value the importance of Katsina State people. Leader who recognize politics in an exercise of ideology, beliefs and aspects. A leader who is to serve people not to be serve. A leader that will restore the dignity of the people of Katsina State. The history of Katsina State Governorship election is not a new history but heritage. Since 1998 no candidate emerge through financial wisdom but destiny, otherwise, current Executive Governor would have been the Katsina State Governor in 2007. However, he is not destined then, but he doesn’t know it is above his expectations. When his time is due he is now about leaving. I am certain who gives power and authority influence has made it to whom he gave, it is just a matter of time. Which we must wait until the time. The time is with INEC we are waiting the date of the election.
May almighty Allah have mercy on the entire people of Katsina State in particular and the nation in general.


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