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Three major contestants emerge for Wazirin Katsina vacancy created by resignation of Waziri professor Sani Abubakar Lugga. They are Sarkin Fadan Katsina Abdulkadir Ismaila who is a member of the Katsina Emirate Council and Abdulaziz Isa Kaita son of Waziri Isa Kaita, the two are from Waziri Haruna house. The third is Maliki Zayyad brother of late Waziri Hamza Zayyad from Waziri Zayyana house . Katsina has two Emir dynasties and two Waziri families. First was Dallazawa Emirs dynasty under Amir Ummarun Dallaje who was from the flag bearers of Sokoto Caliphate cames to office in 1806/07. Second is Sullubawa dynasty was from British who appointed sarkin katsina Muhammadu Dikko in 1906/07. Waziri Haruna was appointed in 1906/07 as first Wazirin Katsina with British approval by Sarki Muhammadu Dikko. Waziri Zayyana was appointed in 1928 after native authority reformed in northern Nigeria.
Dikko dynasty, In order to make relations strong, Sarki Dikko married Waziri Haruna daughter to his son who later succeeded as Emir Usman Nagogo. She is a mother of late General Hassan Usman Katsina. Moreover Sarki Usman Nagogo married the daughter of Waziri Zayyana to his son who succeeded as Emir Muhammadu Kabir Usman. She was mother of Durbin Katsina Aminu Kabir. The two Waziri house have therefore been very close to Dikko dynasty, people are waiting to see from which of the two the new Waziri will emerge!
That would make good history of two families with more a century relationship.
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