Zaura Shoots the work and dreams big


By Al-Amin Ciroma

Those who know him closely would understand that it is not possible that the Kano State APC Chieftain, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (A. A. Zaura), would weigh more than 75 kg on the scale, but he is far and far more and more intelligent, intellectual, rational, lucid, balanced and brave.

Gauging from the slim frame, his introverted and taciturn demeanor, Zaura comes out as a nice man, brilliant, hopeful, confident, vivid with intense abilities all the time. He is actually an epitome of humility and a kind of utility resource personality. Those qualities may explain why, for the greater part of his journey into politics, more especially in his home state – Kano he became more popular.

If the international business tycoon cum politician was a footballer, he would have been so good at winning ‘Ballon D’ors’ for becoming vigorously successful in the game.

Nevertheless, within this short period of time, Alhaji Abdulsalam Zaura becomes one of the movers and shakers of politics, not only in his home state – Kano but throughout the north.
Zaura brought those qualities, to bear on his journey as a gubernatorial aspirant in Kano State under the platform of his party, the APC.

Perhaps, on account of his slender bearing, Zaura is always seen not only as an absolute diplomat but also as a veritable envoy. At a young age, he is now, the Kano State APC bigwig growing bigger by the day through his philanthropism, and series of opportunities he gives to everyone in his state.

The very time he decamped from his former GPN party into APC, Zaura aligned himself with the big shots. He has been a possible candidate who is capable of succeeding Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje come 2023.

Political analysts see him as the right man for the job since all comments of Governor Ganduje are geared towards his favor. Despite other people’s reservations about him, all and sundry in Kano State see Mr. Zaura as the only competent candidate with the capacity to take up the gigantic project in order to move the state forward.

It was a measure of his humility, self-effacement, humbles to believe that there is none like him in this dispensation. Although others with no-eye-of progress feel his kindles, gentility is a sign of somewhat aloofness that he must hold public office before this seat. Unknown to them, as a technocrat, Zaura fits into any position so assigned to him, not to talk of being a governor!

Mr. Zaura had been around the circles of business and closely working with all political power handles in Nigeria and beyond, where he gathered all his eggs together before finally declaring himself.

It took this young international business tycoon more than two decades studying all angles of human endeavors to discover that this is the right time to fully give back to his society all pulsations and rhythms of the best in life.


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