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This is an editorial on the position of jaridar TASKAR LABARAI on the gubernatorial ambition of Dikko Umar Radda who now serves as the Director General of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) a position which he is stipulated by law to hold for the next couple of years.

We write this editorial because of our love for Katsina and based on some calculations of what might be the outcome of the political process and considering Dikko Radda’s immense contributions to Katsina State as DG of SMEDAN.

Taskar labarai was established in 2016 on the website of www.jaridartaskarlabarai.com along side our other online publications. The publication gives special attention to issues of security, corruption and the promotion of democratic values.

This publication is at the forefront in alerting the world on the security situation in Katsina State and the north-western part of Nigeria, as well as projections on the possible worsening of the security situation in these areas.

In 2018, the editor in chief of this news medium wrote an open letter on the likelihood of the security situation in Katsina, Zamfara and Kaduna states to worsen if concrete measures were not taken at the right time. That open letter become a major discussion point in several national dailies, as the letter is still on the medium’s website. It is those projections in that open letter that have now become the new reality in these three states. The letter was tited: Insecurity: Act Before it is Too Late.. Katsina publisher

In 2019, this medium published an editorial that explained why the gubernatorial aspiration Senator Yakubu Lado on the platform of the PDP was not in line with what Katsina State required at the time. We took our time to sensitize the people of Katsina State on reasons why they should not vote PDP into power in the gubernatorial elections owing to the party’s mistake of giving its ticket to Yakubu Lado. The paper published several articles to this effect.

When the students of Government Science Secondar School, GSSS Kankara, were abducted this medium was the first to publish an investigative piece that disclosed the identity of the mastermind of that abduction, his background and his antecedents which assisted security agencies to make contact with him leading to the successful rescue of all the students without any of them being harmed.

The Electoral Act, 2022, which is now being considered at the court, stipulates that any person occupying a non-elective office that aspires to run for an elective office must resign his current postion before contesting. The APC in its latest move issued a directive to all its members holding non-elective offices to resign befere contesting for any public office.

Previousy, sons and daughters of Katsina headed several federal agencies such as NPA, NHIS, FMBN and FHA among others, but the state has lost the headship of these agencies. Others are still serving as heads of agencies such as FERMA and SMEDAN.

SMEDAN: This very important agency makes valuable contributions in building both individuals and the economy. A young and vibrant indigene of Katsina, Alhaji Dikko Radda, Gwagwaren Katsina, heads this agency.

Taskar Labarai is of the opinion that considering his commitment to serving the people of Katsina and indeed his patriotic service to Nigerians in his current capacity as SMEDAN DG, Dikko Radda should not resign his position to contest the Katsina governorship seat.

Every year, SMEDAN has a budget of over N70 billion aside its partnership with international agencies, companies and global business institutions, these partnerships have a worth that can only be estimated, and add a lot of value to Nigerians.

Our stand is that one who heads this agency does not need to resign and contest for governorship before he can impact on the lives of his people. He should rather continue serving Katsina, the Hausa Fulani Nation, Northern Nigeria and other parts of the country in his current capacity.

Based on the information we are privileged to have, which are not meant for publication at present, except when necessary, we can authoritatively state that Dikko Radda MAY have been destined to become the governor of Katsina state at a later time (Allah knows best). But based on our calculations, that COULD not be in 2023.

We advised Dikko Radda to consider the dynamics very carefully before resigning his position to contest Katsina governorship now. If he resigns to contest he would leave behind a history of a sort, and this action may affect his political career in future.

This is an editorial opinion of jaridar TASKAR LABARAI, and we will stick to this opinion up to the 2023 general elections.

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