OPINION POLLS: Who should PDP make its governatorial flag bearer in Katsina State?


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The jaridar taskar labarai sought to know from PDP members in Katsina state as to whom among the four contestants that have so far purchased expression of interest forms should the party make its gubernatorial flag bearer ahead of the 2023 general elections?

Among those that have purchased the PDP governorship forms is Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke, the business mogul who served as Local Government Chairman, member of the federal House of Representatives, Senator Representing Funtua zone, and three time governorship contestant, he is the youngest of the four contestants on the platform of the PDP.

Another contestant is Ahmad Aminu ‘Yaradua, an architect, a seasoned civil servant that rose to the position of secretary to the state government and top positions at the federal level. He is of moderate age bracket.

Shehu inuwa Imam is the eldest among them. He is a former classroom teacher, a former chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers in Katsina State, a former chairman of the state Universal Basic Education Board, and a former member of the House of Representatives.

The fourth is Alhaji Salisu Yusuf Majigiri who is a young elder. He is a former councilor of his ward, former local government chairman, former member of the house of representatives, former chief of staff, government House, Katsina, and the serving chairman of the PDP since the period before the 2015 elections to date.

We conducted an opinion from members of the PDP as regards the ambitions of these contestants, each seeking the mandate of his party to make him its flag bearer in the next general elections.

Up till the time of filing this report, these are the only contestants that have purchased forms and undergone screening, as only one of them will emerge victorious at the end of the party’s primaries.

Our reporters at jaridar taskar labarai have sampled the opinions of 100 persons, 40 from Katsina central zone, 30 from Daura Zone and 30 from Funtua Zone.

We asked all the sampled persons the same set of questions after presenting them with a brief profile and political biography of each of the four contestants, we gave each respondent time to ponder over his answer as regards who should the PDP give its gubernatorial ticket in 2023.

55 of the respondents choosed Alhaji Salisu Yusuf Majigiri. Their opinion was based on the fact that he is not elderly, neither is he too young to be a leader, he is middle-aged, and he is well experienced in politics and governance, thus he can protect the interests of both politicians and members of the public. They cited his performance as chairman of mashi local government area, as member representing Mashi/Dutsi federal constituency and when he served as the chief of staff government house Katsina, where he used each position he found himself to serve his people.mashi local government is one of the most developed among its peers in katsina state.inputs of Majigiri leadership.

This is their opinion.

25 people chose Yakubu Lado Danmarke. They said he is a young politician and he has remained loyal to the people of his Local Government Area.

That is their opinion.

15 other people chose Ahmed Aminu ‘Yaradua. They expressed the belief that he will preside over a well-organized government and sanitize the civil service, being a former civil servant.

This is their opinion.

Lastly, 5 people chose Shehu Inuwa Imam. They based their opinion on the fact that he is elderly and he is well experienced in life. They believe that he will bring his experience to bear in governance.

Also, the respondents in each zone showed significant familiarity with Salisu Majigiri and his political impact, and he has large number of supporters in each zone.

Yakubu Lado’s supporters are mostly from Funtua and Katsina zones.

Ahmad Aminu ‘Yaradua’s supporters are mostly from Katsina while Shehu Inuwa Imam’s supporters are mostly from Funtua zone.

These are our findings based on the political polls we conducted for PDP supporters across the state on who the party’s flag bearer should be in the 2023 gubernatorial elections in the state.

May Allah bless us with peaceful primary election.

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