By Al-Amin Ciroma

Once upon a time, Kano State bred yet another personality who became an instant messier… A man who is always ready to sacrifice all he has for the progress of his immediate constituency and environment… a man whose heart is overflowing with compassion… Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, popularly known as A. A. Zaura, is a man who wishes to ensure that all modernity is available to his loved ones.

As parties jostle for their primaries ahead of the Independent National Election’s (INEC) deadline, all stakeholders are in a series of meetings and counter-meetings to bring out their best to contest the elections alongside all others.

In Kano State, over time, people see Alhaji Zaura’s courage and energy as a young international businessman, as a crowd-puller with massive supporters all over the state, and with his endless humanitarian activities, which are key to his qualification for the number-one seat in Kano State. 

If given the chance, the stakeholders in the APC clearly see that the party needs a credible, energetic, and competent personality like A. A. Zaura to bear its flag, otherwise, the opposition may sweep the ruling party off its feet at the grand finale.

This thought inspired great personalities with large grassroots followings, such as Alhaji Zaura, to enter the race. And by watching closely all manners of over 25 names that are being bolstered up as gubernatorial aspirants for the seat, one is convinced out of opinions sampled that all Kano State’s indigenes need right now is an audacious, young, energetic, and visionary man who can take up the responsibility by ensuring absolute continuity from where Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje stopped, and move forward.

No doubt, people have already done their homework, just waiting for the party’s stakeholders to do the needful by unanimously appointing a man with proven qualities. A young man with a positive mind and a rich thinking faculty can sustain and consolidate on the gains recorded by the Ganduje-led administration, especially in all areas of human and infrastructural development, a man whom Kano State standsstill for at every point in time to bear the flag.

The young Abdulsalam’s heroism and valor are a true representation of a strong link between the older and younger generations. His knacks for the betterment of society can best be described as the sole patchier the Kano State people have been yearning and waiting for.

So good was he that his decamping into the ruling APC in the state has sharpened all negativities, as he delved into working closely with the party leader and structures in the state to harmonize all crises by the party in Kano State. He is worthy of emulation.

And now, all Kano indigenes are satisfied that Zaura with his influence across all the 44 local government areas in the state, is the right man that can be the substantive candidate for APC in Kano State.


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