“I have accepted the offer to contest as House of rep. as the community requested”


Today 9-5-2022 mark the date of a huge event in the history of Kumbotso Local Government, where 105 organizations under the leadership of HASSAN GARBA SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT TANKA 2013, together with other thousands of people from different parts of the Local government organized. The event took place at Kumbotso Secteriat Kano state, after a long session of meeting the people of the local government did, which included the youths, men and women respective political figures from 15 areas with their councilors, and all of which make a giant crowd to convey their message.
After the grand opening, the crowd did not hesitate to present their request to the Chairman of the Local Government, that on behalf of the community of the local government, they have renounce him worthy of the ‘’house of rep chair’’ and therefore ant him to contest in the upcoming election. The crowd stated the reasons that duly support their request, which they revealed that the Chairman, Hassan Garban Kauye is the only Local Government Chairman that in just a year have attained so many heights of accomplishment, which has bring about over 130 developments, and made a capital distributions 4 times in that year to those with small businesses.

The event was honored by Important political personas from every nook and cranny of the Local Government. Accompanying the Chairman is the Chairman Of Tarauni Local Government Hon. Abubakar Zakari P.A, who has given his full support to this journey and has joined the community in furthering the request.
The Honorable Hassan Garban Kauye, Chairman of Kumbotso Local Government has appreciated the patriotic movement and welcomed the community’s request, ‘’If we have not been good leaders, there won’t be such a request, as I am the first Chairman that the Community of this Local Government have chosen to contest despite the fact that I a already in office’’ he addressed the crowd.
After the Community pressed him to officially accept their request by saying so, he instead prayed that he hope it is the best for him and the Local Government Community.
In interview with the Councilor of Mariri Hon. Alhassan Roja, he exclaimed that ‘’This is a fight to save the Local Government [Kumbotso] out of the wrenching leadership that the community has find itself trying to survive, and the community are now hopeful of a new beginning with Hon. Hassan Garban Kauye, whom they have found honest and devoted to their affairs.’
At the end the board director of the Local Government, Councilor of Fanshekara, Hon. Ma’aruf Zawaciki have showed his appreciation to the community’s request and gave a word of his full support , he also call for the attention of the Kano state Governor, His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the Chairman of the party Hon. Abdullahi Abbas that this request should be considered and that the government needs a patriotic citizen that will work with passion and devotion, and here is one. He then prayed for success and wish everyone a safe journey back home.


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