All the major political parties that will join the 2023 governorship race have since nominated running mates for the governorship candidates.

Two of the major political parties have also nominated running mates for their guber candidates. PDP has selected Ahmad Aminu, a seasoned public servant and politician, NNPP has chosen Dr. Muttaqa Rabe Darma, a politician, a former lecturer and an experienced civil servant.

With the choice of these running mates these two political parties have posed a challenge to the APC to also select a strong contender as the running mate for its governorship candidate.

Based on the quota system adopted by political parties the APC running mate cannot come from Daura zone because the National Legal aAdviser of the party, the President, a minister and several other political office holders in the party come from the zone.

Moreover, Funtua zone has the largest number of voters in the state.

PDP and NNPP have also selected running mates for their candidates from Funtua zone. If the APC wants to also play its political game well, then it has to choose a runing mate from the zone.

In the zone, many politicians are qualified to be the running mate of the APC candidate but four among them are most prominent.

However, one of them is prohibited by the constitution and the Electoral Act from contesting any elective position because he does not have school certificates, but all the three others a qualified.

The first is Dr. Aminu Garba Waziri, the Permanent Secretary, State Ministry of Agriculture. He was a former Acting Local Government Chairman and he has left good records of performance. He was a university lecturer, a politician and a seasoned public servant.

The second is Musa Adamu Funtua, a former Commissioner for Local Governments in Katsina State and the current Commissioner for Water Resources. He is a renowned politician and due to his generosity he is nicknamed Glo, the powerful connection. His only shortcoming is that he hails from Funtua town, and he is a blood relative of the current APC Senatorial candidate for the zone who also hails from Funtua town.

The third is Hamza Sule Faskari, the current Commissioner for Environment in the state. There are many factors that make him a strong contender for the position. Firstly, he is a very loyal politician. In all his years of service in the Aminu Bello Masari administration he has been loyal to the governor. Similarly, he has full control of his constituency which are Faskari and Sabuwa Local Government Areas.

Even in the just-concluded primary elections of the party, he delivered the votes of the delegates of the two Local Government Areas for Mustafa Inuwa on the governor’s orders.

Secondly, he belongs to Mustafa Inuwa’s camp, and choosing him will appease the camp and gain its support in the general elections.

Thirdly, Hamza Sule Faskari is a political protege of Senator Abu Ibrahim who played an important role in the emergence of Dikko Radda as the APC guber candidate.

Fourthly, in his two terms as Commissioner for Environment, the ministry has carried out massive erosion, flood and desertification control projects across the state which have further improved his image politically, as these projects have  been immensely beneficial to the people of the state especially during the rainy season.

The fifth factor is the fact that Hamza Sule is very generous. His name has since become synonymous with generosity. For this reason he will be very easy to promote and will be a plus to the APC candidate.

Similarly, Hamza Sule is in good terms with every politician, opinion leader and ordinary citizen in Funtua zone which is another big boost to his political career.

The seventh factor is that Hamza Sule is wealthy, he has been wealthy even before he joined the current APC government. He has a strong network of financiers that will fund a great part of the APC campaign.

The eighth factor that makes Hamza Sule a strong contender for the Katsina Deputy governorship is the fact that he has been an agile person since his childhood. He has always been known as an industrious and hard-working person both in and out of politics.

The ninth factor is that Hamza Sule is well learned and also experienced in relating with people, in administration as well as business which have played an important role in his success politically.

If the APC wants to compete favourably for the support of the electorate in Katsina State in the forthcoming governorship election, then it is highly recommended that the party chooses Hamza Sule Faskari as Dikko Radda’s running mate. Hamza Sule is most suitable and qualified for the job and will bring more votes for the party considering the challenges the party may face in the elections.

Dr. Sabe is a lecturer with the Umaru Musa Yaradua University, Katsina.


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