Senator Kabiru Marafa Attempt to Kill Me


By UG Ahmad

On 18th July 2022 after magrib prayer I went to Food Palace belonging to Senator Kabiru Marafa to buy food (the food from his restaurant enclosed). On my way back home after the junction and by the side of Almanar Mosque I slowed down respecting people coming out of the mosque , Senator Kabiru Marafa drove at high speed but in the process of overtaking me brushed the side of my car. Instead of stopping at the scene of the accident he drove away and park nearby. While I immediately stopped at the scene of the accident as normally required. He drove away and park and immediately came out of his car shouting and abusing me. I told him brushed my car but he still disagreed. I told him if he knew he was right why did he removed his car. This infuriated him and he wanted to start beating me but two people prevented him. We exchange abusive words while he was struggling to beat me.

Unknown to me he invited so many thugs who descended on me and started beating me. While the beating was going on Senator Marafa entered his car, reversed and drove on top speed and hit my car and damaged the front. His thugs still kept beating me and threatened to kill me if I don’t remove my car. Eventually they forced me to removed my car from the scene obviously to destroy evidence.

Could Senator Kabiru Marafa be under influence of drugs?. Can a normal and rational human being drive, hit and destroy another persons car including his own? The Range Rover given to me by WAPP has been severely damaged.

This is the man that I go to his restaurant to buy food anytime I am in kaduna. I even alway teach his staff how to manage crowd little did I know I have been empowering somebody who could kill me.

If this is the kind of people continue to lead Nigeria as they currently do the nation will be in perpetual underdevelopment.

Culled from his Facebook page


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